Motion of no confidence The PP tries to escape the Vox-PSOE 'clamp': "We are at the center of the battle"

The Popular Party is the indirect protagonist of the motion of censure

Motion of no confidence The PP tries to escape the Vox-PSOE 'clamp': "We are at the center of the battle"

The Popular Party is the indirect protagonist of the motion of censure. He neither presents it nor receives it, but it is on everyone's lips: Santiago Abascal addressed the right-wing bench on numerous occasions yesterday, as Pedro Sánchez or Yolanda Díaz also did during their interventions, despite the fact that the focus of the session parliamentary falls these days on Vox and Ramón Tamames. The popular ones are seen "in the center of the battle." A fact that proves two things, in the eyes of the formation: the "weakness" of the rest of the parties and the "centrality" of those of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who has neither attended the Congress of Deputies nor spoke yesterday about the initiative.

Cuca Gamarra will act in a similar way today when, as spokesman for the main opposition party, he takes the floor on the last day of the parliamentary debate. Until now, the PP has kept a low profile on Vox's strategy and will continue to do so, although it will take advantage of its intervention to attack the Executive of Pedro Sánchez and its partners, who is the ones who are really directed at a censorship proposal that the PP share the objective, but not the forms.

It will do so by ignoring Vox, a party that expects its self-combustion due to the erratic procedure with which it has designed the motion, and bypassing Tamames, whose political career and career as an economist will only be recognized. Thus, the PP will not contribute to a political row that, as they understand in the formation, clouds parliamentarism, damages the institutional quality of our country and wears down everyone who participates in it.

«You can have hard debates without entering this show. This is not serious politics", they reflect in Genoa, from where Vox is seen "desperate" for its "wrong" strategy that has demonstrated the vulnerability of the party and has given wings to the rest of the formations -especially the PSOE and Yolanda's project Díaz, Sumar- to expose without a time limit his programmatic proposals on the verge of a decisive electoral campaign. An unprecedented opportunity that allowed the political formations that participated yesterday to carry out a debate in an organic and non-parliamentary key.

Today's comment by Gamarra, who yesterday described the parliamentary debate requested by Vox as a "bonfire of the vanities", will be the first of the day, with which he will resume a session that was relatively fluid on its first day, due to the fact that the candidate chose not to respond to any parliamentary spokesman, beyond the president of the Government. He will focus his speech fully on Sánchez and will respond to the constant accusations made by the president, but he will not assess Vox's roadmap in the chamber, he will avoid melee with Santiago Abascal and he will not charge against Ramón Tamames.

After Gamarra, only the intervention of the Socialists will remain. Despite Abascal's latest claim in the introduction to Tamames, the PP is not considering voting in favor of the motion under any circumstances. "Sánchez would like us to vote with Abascal, and Abascal would want us to vote with Sánchez", they clarify to justify their abstention in a debate that, the popular believe, has put aside the concerns of the Spanish and the future of the country to focus solely on the electoral battles between acronyms, candidates and parties of all stripes.

"What we see is that this motion is helping Pedro Sánchez to survive, Yolanda Díaz to shine and Vox to appear," Gamarra lamented yesterday after hearing the start of a motion of no confidence that popular ranks describe as sterile. A dynamic in which the PP does not seek to be an accomplice, but an alternative. "It will be the Spaniards at the polls who will be able to censure Sánchez as soon as they have the opportunity to do so," Gamarra explained.

"Vox and the Government have dedicated their speeches to attacking the PP because it is what unites them," Gamarra considered. Sources from the party leadership assume that having been constantly at the focus of the debate, without having participated, being proponents or censured, or having a turn to speak so far speaks more about the rest than about the PP itself. "That one and the other talk about Feijóo is proof of his weakness and that we are in the center," these sources settle.

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