Move could be pending: King Charles makes himself "comfortable" in Windsor

King Charles III has always been a stranger.

Move could be pending: King Charles makes himself "comfortable" in Windsor

King Charles III has always been a stranger. with Windsor Castle, but lately the monarch seems to have grown acquainted with the family estate. He is said to be staying there several times a week and adapting the premises to his taste.

King Charles III is said to have never been particularly keen on living at Windsor Castle. As the British "Daily Mail" writes, among other things, the aircraft noise caused by nearby Heathrow Airport is said to have always bothered him. But now Charles seems to have changed his mind. In recent months, the British monarch has spent more and more time at Windsor Castle.

According to the Daily Mail, even before the death of Queen Elizabeth II, he began to spend the night there occasionally in order to be able to spend time with his mother, who died last September. She had spent more of her time at Windsor Castle in recent years and had moved there together with her long-time husband Prince Philip during the Covid pandemic.

Since then, King Charles III. now often even two or three nights a week at Windsor Castle, from where he also takes on more and more official duties while Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the British monarch, is being renovated. He currently lives with his wife, Queen Camilla, but still at Clarence House.

The monarch apparently also wanted to put his own stamp on the castle and the surrounding property, it is said. While Charles is at Windsor Castle, he is currently still using his previous premises, but workmen have been seen in the Queen's former living quarters. So it's quite possible that the king could move in there soon. For example, the deceased queen's personal belongings had begun to be stored and cataloged in order to preserve them for posterity.

"The king is adapting the castle more to his liking," an anonymous insider is quoted as saying. He therefore "brought in some of his favorite works of art and possessions to make it more comfortable". Charles has also been known for his love of the environment for years. Several new charging stations for electric cars are now being installed on the property. In addition, thousands of saplings of trees would be planted.

Charles' change of heart may also have something to do with the fact that Prince William has moved into Adelaide Cottage near Windsor Castle. The King's eldest son lives there with his wife, Princess Kate, and their three children, George, Charlotte and Louis. For Charles, it is possible to see his grandchildren more often. According to some anonymous sources, the long-term plan was always for William, Kate and the children to move into the castle as soon as possible. However, the young family seems very happy with the Adelaide Cottage.