Navarra Thousands of people demonstrate together with UPN, the PP and Vox against the pact between the socialists and Bildu: "Pamplona is not for sale"

This Sunday, Pamplona was kilometer zero of the social outcry against Pedro Sánchez's policy of pacts

Navarra Thousands of people demonstrate together with UPN, the PP and Vox against the pact between the socialists and Bildu: "Pamplona is not for sale"

This Sunday, Pamplona was kilometer zero of the social outcry against Pedro Sánchez's policy of pacts. UPN and the Popular Party, as well as leaders of Vox and Ciudadanos, have demonstrated in the center of the capital of Navarra under the cry of "Pamplona is not for sale" to denounce how the clamp between the socialists and EH Bildu will snatch the regionalists the Mayor's Office of the city to, in a few days, be in the hands of the nationalist left.

The Plaza Consistorial has been filled since early in the day, with thousands of protesters gathered - 10,000 according to the Government Delegation; 12,000 according to UPN, the convening party - as a sign of protest against Sánchez's approach to independence and nationalism, evidenced in recent weeks

s with the birth of the amnesty bill and now with the agreement with EH Bildu to expel UPN from the Mayor's Office of Pamplona, ​​an extreme that the PSOE flatly denied for months that would occur and that is now limited to a specific local agreement .

Hence the proclamations launched by the protesters: "Cerdán, storyteller, Bildu is a terrorist", "PSOE-PSN liar" or "Treason by armchair" are some of the banners displayed by those present in the Plaza Consistorial.

The event, called and organized by UPN, also had the support and presence of the PP leadership. Its leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, demonstrated this Sunday in Pamplona after having led numerous protests against the amnesty in recent weeks under the popular brand in important cities throughout the country.

Now, Génova and the territorial leadership of the PP have thus wanted to show their support for UPN, whose leader Javier Esparza, and the still mayor of Pamplona, ​​Cristina Ibarrola, have taken the lead in the event in the Plaza Consistorial. On behalf of Ciudadanos, its leader, the European parliamentarian Adrián Vázquez, was also present.

The feeling that remains in UPN is that the future of Pamplona, ​​as happened with that of Navarra, has been decided in offices in Madrid and Bilbao. "It's a huge slap in the face," said party leader Javier Esparza, to recriminate "how insignificant" the city is for Pedro Sánchez, who decided a long time ago to hand it over to EH Bildu to ensure his permanence in La Moncloa.

Specifically, they place six months ago, after March 28, on the date on which the PSOE agreed with the Abertzale left on this motion of censure with the aim that María Chivite would have sufficient support to govern in Navarra, also thanks to the support of EH Bildu. "They had marked our date of death," said Mayor Cristina Ibarrola, who has warned the PSOE that the city "will not forget" what happened and that the socialists will "democratically pay" for the "irreparable damage" done to Pamplona.

What's more, Ibarrola has defined the city's Mayor's Office as "the most desired asset" by the Abertzales for their annexationist interests with respect to Navarra. "It is the jewel in the crown, it is strategic for Otegi and his followers," reproached the still mayor of Pamplona.

This feeling is widespread among the thousands of protesters who have overflowed the city center and who have chanted the "scum" launched this week by Esparza to define the socialists. "It is undignified and vomiting," the UPN leader reflected before the leaders of the PP, Vox and Ciudadanos, present in the front rows, that Sánchez has "handed over Pamplona to Abertzale fascism" as a bargaining chip. "We are here to tell you that we will never forget it."

"The problem for Spain and for Navarra is Pedro Sánchez. He has turned politics into a game of thrones where there is not the slightest decency," cried Esparza, who recalled that UPN has two murdered by ETA and that the president of Government, by agreeing with EH Bildu, gives "legitimacy" to the radicals and takes it away from a historical and constitutional formation in Navarra. The "symbiosis" between the PSOE and EH Bildu at the regional level, he has lamented, is complete.

"Sánchez is adding another brick to his wall," denounced Feijóo, who was present at the event with other popular leaders such as Cuca Gamarra, Jorge Azcón and the leader of the Navarrese PP, Javier García. "We knew that there was a hooded pact, now we know what Sánchez's first bill and last lie are," said Feijóo, who has promised to "stand by the Navarrese people" and "deeply regret the indignity of the PSOE" with this agreement. .

The opposition leader has considered it a "moral and constitutional obligation" to be in Pamplona this Sunday in the face of the "dignity problem" that Sánchez demonstrates with his roadmap by agreeing in the city with "a party that still does not condemn terrorism and that has murderers on its lists".

The Vox delegation, for its part, has been led by the vice president of Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo, in the absence of Santiago Abascal, who is at the party convention of the Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni this weekend. .

As is usual in the demonstrations in which Vox participates, those from Santiago Abascal have called for a subsequent march that has culminated in a protest in front of the socialists' headquarters in Pamplona, ​​where they have demanded that Sánchez's approach to groups such as Junts, ERC or, in this specific case, EH Bildu.

In fact, in an interview given to EL MUNDO this Sunday, Esparza has warned of the scenario that opens with the first step taken between the PSOE and EH Bildu in Navarra: "The next screen of the pact will be to put the ETA prisoners in the street".

This Sunday will not be the only demonstration that UPN calls against an agreement that, in Esparza's eyes, represents an "aggression" against Pamplona. The regionalist party once again calls to take to the streets on December 28, which is when the motion of censure is voted, to express the social rejection that the pact between the PSN and EH Bildu generates in the population.