Naya Rivera's family settles wrongful death case

An attorney representing Rivera and the child said that Rivera's 6-year-old son will be compensated for his mother's drowning at Lake Piru.

Naya Rivera's family settles wrongful death case

Naya Rivera, actress, has settled a wrongful-death lawsuit over her accidental drowning at a Southern California lake.

Rivera, 33, was most well-known for her role in "Glee" as Santana Lopez. died while boating in July 2020 with her 4-year-old son. A wrongful-death lawsuit was filed against Ventura County in November that year.


Ryan Dorsey, her ex-husband, filed the suit on behalf of Rivera and Rivera's estate. Ventura County, its parks-recreation management agency, and the United Water Conservation District were accused of failing to adequately warn the public about the dangers of the lake and providing appropriate safety equipment. The suit also claimed that the child was emotionally distressed by the events.

Amjad M. Khan (an attorney representing Josey and Rivera) confirmed Monday that all parties in the litigation had "entered into a worldwide settlement," subject to court approval March 16.

Khan stated that Josey will be receiving just compensation for the loss of his mother, who drowned at Lake Piru. We are pleased that Josey will be able to receive a monetary settlement, which will help him with his life after the tragedy of Josey's mom.

NBC News reached Ventura County as well as the United Water Conservation District. The UWCD declined comment.

Josey, who was alone on the boat while it was being rented out, was discovered in the lake. Rivera was reported missing, and authorities found her body in the lake several days later.

The Ventura County Medical Examiner's Office performed an autopsy and determined that her death was accidental drowning .

Rivera's younger sister Nickayla spoke out about escaping from a "dark spot" after the tragedy.

"When that happened I was in complete shock. She said that her entire family was shocked and in shock in a YouTube video dated Jan. 10. She added that it felt like someone had pulled the rug out from under them and they didn't know it.

She said, "The darkness that I was in before only got worse." "At that point, I didn't have any thoughts about my future. I didn't think about myself at all. "I was just feeling pain."

Nickayla Rivera stated that she knew her pain would never go away until "decided" to find the good in life.

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