Near East European leaders condemn the Hamas attack and express their solidarity with Israel and Sánchez shows his "rejection of war"

The European Union has condemned Hamas' military offensive in Israel and called for an "immediate cessation" of the attack

Near East European leaders condemn the Hamas attack and express their solidarity with Israel and Sánchez shows his "rejection of war"

The European Union has condemned Hamas' military offensive in Israel and called for an "immediate cessation" of the attack. The Palestinian group Hamas began an attack this Saturday with missiles and militants infiltrated into Israel, which in a few hours has caused 22 deaths and more than 500 injuries. Israeli authorities believe that more than thirty Israeli citizens have been kidnapped during the operation.

"This horrible violence must stop immediately. Terrorism and violence solve nothing. The EU expresses its solidarity with Israel in these difficult times," said EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell.

In a statement on the social network "inflict terror and violence against innocent citizens."

At the same time, NATO, through spokesperson Dylan White, has spoken of "terrorist attacks." "We strongly condemn the terrorist attacks carried out today by Hamas against NATO partner Israel. Our thoughts are with the victims and all those affected. Terrorism is a fundamental threat to free societies, and Israel has the right to defend itself," he said. .

In Spain, the acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has shown his rejection of war and has called for coexistence between "peoples and religions." The head of the Executive wanted to send a "message of harmony, coexistence, peace, rejection of war", emphasizing that "any form of violence is fundamental."

Meanwhile, the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has expressed his shock at the news coming from Israel and has expressed his solidarity with the victims through a publication on the social network X (formerly Twitter). "Terrorism is everyone's enemy and must be defeated," said the popular leader.

The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has expressed his support for Israel and has spoken of a "very serious terrorist attack." Likewise, the political leader has declared his rejection of the "sowers of hate and those who, from Western politics, protect them," according to a publication on his profile on the social network X.

The one who has highlighted her support for Palestine has been the deputy of Sumar Tesh Sidi, of Saharawi origin. "Today and always with Palestine. There will be a lot of media manipulation, 24-hour tuis, but many of us know that Palestinians are murdered day and night and no one condemns that," she wrote.

Also the leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, has demanded the "cessation of all violence" in the occupied territories in Palestine and on the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel and has made an "appeal to the State of Israel, as the main responsible , to compliance with United Nations resolutions".

Brazil, which currently holds the presidency of the UN Security Council, has announced that it will call "an emergency meeting of the body" to address the situation in Israel and the Gaza Strip.

"The Brazilian government condemns the series of bombings and ground attacks carried out in Israel starting from the Gaza Strip," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

"In its capacity as president of the United Nations Security Council," a function it exercises during the month of October as a non-permanent member, "Brazil will convene an emergency meeting of the organization," stated the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Brazil "urges all parties to exercise maximum restraint in order to avoid escalation of the situation."

For his part, the UN special coordinator for the Middle East, Tor Wennesland, has also condemned the surprise offensive by the Palestinian militias in Gaza against Israel, expressing his concern for civilians and the kidnappings of Israelis. "I vehemently condemn this morning's multi-pronged attack on Israeli towns and cities near the Gaza Strip, and the firing of rockets" by the Islamist group Hamas that also hit central Israel, Wennesland declared.

Meanwhile, Hamas spokesman Khaled Qadomi told Al Jazeera radio that the offensive launched this morning is a "war against the invaders." The Palestinian Islamist group launched the biggest attack on Israel in years with an unprecedented infiltration of militants into Israeli streets.

Other European Union countries such as Germany have expressed "full solidarity" with Israel, while Italy has supported "Israel's right to defend itself" against the "brutal attack" by Hamas.

Ukraine has also shown its rejection of the Hamas military operation and has supported Israel's "right to defend itself and its people."

For its part, the United States has declared that it "closely follows" the security situation in the allied country and stands "firmly" with Israel, according to a White House note. "American citizens are reminded to remain alert and take appropriate measures to protect their safety," the US Embassy said in a statement. "Rocket and mortar fire often occurs without warning," the note adds.

Middle Eastern governments have also condemned the Palestinian military offensive. Egypt has asked to "avoid exposing civilians to greater dangers" and has warned of the "serious consequences" that an escalation of tensions between Israel and the Palestinian territories could have for the region.

For its part, Russia has asked Israelis and Palestinians for an "immediate ceasefire", expressing its "great concern" following the Hamas offensive against Israel. "We call on the Palestinian and Israeli sides for an immediate ceasefire, to renounce violence and show the necessary restraint," Russian diplomatic spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in a statement.

Meanwhile, an advisor to Iran's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, has stated that Tehran supports the operation of Palestinian militias against Israel and has assured that it will support the Palestinians until the liberation of Jerusalem. "We support this operation and we trust that the Resistance Front also supports it," said Rahim Safavi, advisor to the highest authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran, according to the ISNA agency.

For the moment, the Hamas offensive has been welcomed by the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah, which valued the offensive as a "decisive response to Israel's continued occupation."