Nearly 4 out 10 Latinos are concerned that they or someone in their family could be deported

Pew Research's survey revealed how Americans feel about immigration status, age, and generation.

Nearly 4 out 10 Latinos are concerned that they or someone in their family could be deported

A Pew Research Center survey of Latino adults released Monday found that nearly 4 out 10 Latinos fear they or their family could be deported.

This nonpartisan think tank polled over 3,000 self-identified Hispanics , and found that 39% of Latinos worry about being deported.

The survey revealed that deportation fears are more common among immigrants than in U.S.-born Latinos.

51 percent of immigrant Latinos reported being worried about their own deportation or that of someone else. This is a higher percentage than the 28 percent of U.S-born Latinos.

Deportation concerns among Latino immigrants vary depending on their immigration status.

Nearly 8 out 10 Latino immigrants who aren’t legal permanent residents or U.S citizens are concerned about their own or someone they know being deported. Only 53 percent of lawful permanent residents have the same concerns.

However, only about a third of Latino immigrants who have been naturalized U.S citizens are concerned about being deported.

A slightly higher percentage of Latinos (44%), reported deportation fears in December 2019. These worries have declined slightly in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and after the transition from Trump to the Biden administration.

According to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, deportations fell significantly in fiscal year 2020. According to agency , removals fell from 267,258 to 185,884 by 2020.

The current deportation concerns vary by age and generation.

Second-generation Latinos, those with at least one immigrant family member, reported that 37 percent had deportation fears. This compares to 18% for third-generation Latinos with two U.S.-born relatives. Around 81 percent of the later generations report not worrying about deportation.

The worry of deportations is more common among young Hispanics aged 18-29 than for Hispanics 50-64 (34%) and 65-plus (25%)

Latinos who faced some

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