New Jersey man lost after being swept out at sea in Hawaii

Officials say Matthew Preziose (25), was last seen near Kauai's north shore beach.

New Jersey man lost after being swept out at sea in Hawaii

Officials said that a man from New Jersey was last seen swimming in the ocean near a Hawaiian beach on Saturday.

According to a Sunday statement from Kauai County officials , the missing swimmer was identified by Matthew Preziose (25 years old),.

Two swimmers in distress were reported at Lumaha'i Beach on the north side of Kauai. Rescuers arrived shortly thereafter.

The statement stated that witnesses "reported one swimmer making it safely to shore, while Preziose was last seen being taken out to sea."

On Saturday, Preziose was searched by the U.S. Coast Guard and local firefighters. Preziose was searched by the Coast Guard all night. Officials said that Preziose was not found.

The search for lifeguards and firefighters continued on Sunday. Additional watercrafts were also found from the state Department of Land and Natural Resources (also known as DLNR), along with water and air resources from the U.S. Coast Guard. Officials said that the shoreline search was conducted by Kauai police officers and DLNR personnel on Sunday.

Kauai County spokesperson did not respond to Tuesday's request for information on the search.

It was impossible to reach Preziose’s family.

Officials said Matthew Preziose, who is 5-feet-11-inch tall, was last seen wearing blue swim trunks.

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