NHS Eliminates'highly divisive Record of Awakened' from public Opinion

THE NHS has eliminated a draft record of'awakened' terms afterwards it had been'not meant for book' and was accused of compelling'divisive' theories on staff.

NHS Eliminates'highly divisive Record of Awakened' from public Opinion

The file entitled'Glossary A-Z' beneath the banner of'Equality, Diversity and Inclusion', includes definitions for terms like'anti-racist',''gaslighting',''misogyny' and'white fragility'. The draft glossary, that was intended for staff instruction and made people by error, is currently password protected once it obtained backlash on social networking.

Conservative MP Neil O'Brien tweeted:"Some of the concepts within this particular poem of woke are exceptionally divisive -- they should not be being formally pushed like this."

Mr O'Brien told The Telegraph:"There is a whole group of theories in there: white fragilitywhite or white supremacy - these sort of unique items which are extraordinarily divisive concepts which shouldn't be being driven by HR directors in the NHS as a type of gospel or something to that purpose."

It's in much need of suitable editing and supervision. It overlooks many significant [equality, diversity and inclusion] topics"

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