Duisburg (dpa / lnw) – Almost three months after the crash of a small plane in Duisburg near a fully occupied circus tent, expert assessments of the accident have become known. According to an interim report by the Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation (BFU), the 54-year-old pilot lost control of the ultralight aircraft when cornering at low altitude. The ultralight tipped over the left wing and the fire started when it hit the ground. The pilot and his passenger were killed. The “Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung” had also reported on the BFU findings.

The accident happened on September 4th during a performance with around 900 circus visitors. The entrance to the main tent was less than 100 meters away, with a beer garden in between. Investigators said they were very fortunate that no more people were injured. Several cars in the circus parking lot were completely destroyed.

According to the AAIB report, a sightseeing flight was planned that day to take aerial photographs. The owner of the aircraft stated to the federal agency that the pilot was well acquainted with the machine and was a regular charter customer with him. According to information from the German air traffic control organization, there was no radio link and no radar contact with the ultralight.

The investigators found the plane’s engine on the roof of a damaged car. However, almost all parts of the UL were destroyed in the fire, including a GPS device and an engine control instrument.