NOT REAL NEWS: Take a look at what did not happen this week

Here's a roundup of the most viral, but untrue visuals and stories of the week. Despite being shared on social media, none of these stories are true. They were checked by the Associated Press. These are the facts

NOT REAL NEWS: Take a look at what did not happen this week

People who have been vaccinated do not have more coronavirus than those who aren't.

CLAIM: If infected by COVID-19, people who have been vaccinated against the disease carry a higher viral load than those who have not.

THE FACTS: Scientists found that people who have been vaccinated for so-called breakthrough diseases can carry the same amount of coronavirus than those who were not vaccinated. To make this false claim, social media users have misrepresented Dr. Leana Wein's comments. A widely circulated post incorrectly stated that Dr. Leana Wen is one of the MSM’s most powerful lap dogs. The vaccinated have a higher viral load." This image is a clip from a 25-minute interview Wen did on "Democracy Now!" She discusses the delta variant of the virus and the new issues that surround it. In the full clip, Wen stated that the virus load of a person infected by the delta variant is 1000 times higher than the one infected by the previous variant. "What this means is that the person can transmit much more virus." However, the post does not include that information. Wen discusses how vaccinated people can spread the disease. Wen stated that those who have been vaccinated based on the CDC are now able to transmit the virus to their non-vaccinated relatives. "For example, I am fully vaccinated but my children aren't because they are too young to be vaccinated. "So I have to be cautious for my children because there are many unvaccinated people around me." In the past, people infected with the virus were assumed to have low levels and that they would not transmit it to others. According to AP, new data indicates that the delta variant is not as common. After the spread of the delta variant, the CDC published a study in July that showed that vaccinated people can have as much coronavirus transmission as those who are not vaccinated. The highest risk of coronavirus infection is found among those who have not been vaccinated. They are more likely to contract the virus and transmit it to others.

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