Nothing like leaving London ?: Meghan asks Charles for a private conversation

Saying goodbye to the Queen should have been particularly difficult for Prince Harry.

Nothing like leaving London ?: Meghan asks Charles for a private conversation

Saying goodbye to the Queen should have been particularly difficult for Prince Harry. But now the funeral services are over - and he and his wife may already be on their way back to the United States. Before that, however, Duchess Meghan is said to have made a very special request to the new King Charles.

Possibly several billion people around the world saw the Queen's state funeral on Monday. They saw the exuberant pomp, the grief and tears of loved ones, and even such a trifle as the spider scurrying across the coffin of the late monarch.

What they could also see, at least indirectly, is that there is a rift between Prince Harry and the rest of the royal family. For example, the 38-year-old was not allowed to appear in uniform on most occasions. Or because the encounters with his brother William and his wife Kate seemed rather cool.

However, what all the world couldn't see this time and will never see is what really happens behind the palace gates when the cameras and microphones are switched off at some point. We can and will only speculate about this. And so, on the first day after the funeral, the rumor mill is bubbling up again, especially when it comes to Harry and Meghan.

So everyone could see that the funeral alone was not enough to bring peace between the two and the rest of the family. But perhaps other initiatives that were not the focus of world public opinion have led to a rapprochement again. For example, the nobility expert Neil Sean reports in a video on his YouTube channel about a "very brave" step that Meghan is said to have taken.

Accordingly, the Duchess gave the new King Charles III. wrote a letter asking for a one-on-one interview. The 41-year-old wants to "make a clean sweep" before she and her husband travel back to the United States, says Sean, who works for NBC, among other things. "This is a very brave step by Meghan personally," the reporter explains. Meghan's self-confidence deserves respect, no matter how you otherwise feel about her.

Writing to the king to ask for an interview is a common practice, says Sean. However, he could not assess the chances of success. "Honestly, we have no idea what will become of it." Sean relies on a "very good source" for his account, but without naming his informant.

So is there any hope that Harry and Meghan's visit to London - despite the grief for the Queen - will still bear positive fruit? Or are the two already sitting on their packed suitcases immediately after the end of the funeral ceremonies, ready to travel back to their new US home and to their children who are waiting there? This is what other sources report.

The US portal "Radaronline" - albeit not always known for its seriousness - claims to have learned from palace insiders that Harry and Meghan "wanted to go to California as soon as possible". As there is still tension between them and the rest of the family, the two have no interest in continuing their stay in London any longer.

Harry and Meghan's trip to Europe was originally planned to be much shorter anyway. After the Queen's death, however, the couple spontaneously extended their stay. Missing his grandmother's funeral, with whom he is said to have had a particularly close relationship, was out of the question for Harry. After the end of the funeral services, nothing would stand in the way of a return to the USA.

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