NY Times is criticized by lawmakers and critics for suggesting that the US flag is now a 'alienating' to some: 'Disgusting

Rep. Andy Biggs says: "Apparently loving our flag is now offensive."

NY Times is criticized by lawmakers and critics for suggesting that the US flag is now a 'alienating' to some: 'Disgusting

On Saturday, the New York Times was criticized for publishing a piece suggesting that the American flag had become a symbol representing division.

"Today, flying an American flag from the back of pickup trucks or on a lawn is increasingly considered to be a clue to a person’s political affiliation in deeply divided nations," The Times tweeted Saturday with a link to their article, "A Fourth of July symbol of unity that may no longer unite."

Sarah Maslin Nir, the author of the article, quotes some people who feel that the flag is so politicized they are reluctant to fly it outside their homes and businesses. For example, some people have hidden their patriotic pride behind Old Glory, after Trump's supporters and conservatives generally "have embraced flag so passionately."

Nir wrote that "What was once unifying symbol - there's a star for each state - is now alienating for some, its stripes are now fault lines between people, who kneel while The Star-Spangled Banner’ plays, and those for whom not pledging loyalty is an offense."

She continued, "And it has made Fourth of July celebrations of patriotic bunting, cakes with blueberries, strawberries, and arranged into Old Glory into another cleft, in a country no longer quite as indivisible, and under a flag that threatens to fray."

Twitter critics argued that it wasn’t the flag that was dividing Americans, but rather the newspaper for posting such a pessimistic message over Fourth of July weekend.

ForAmerica replied, "Reading the New York Times frequently is far more divisive that our American flag will ever become,"

Alex Plitsas, a contributing writer at The Federalist, said "This is insane."

Or maybe it's just a sign that we really love our country. Ned Ryun spoke of the flag-flyers.

In response to the Times report, Sean Davis, co-founder of Federalist, stated that there are two types of people in the country.

Former officials and lawmakers joined the readers in shaming the Times. Some suggested that the newspaper should be moved elsewhere.

"Apparently, loving the flag of our country is now an offense. It is disgusting. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) tweeted the following:

"NYT journalists should live in Gaza. They don't appreciate all the freedoms they have every day," tweeted Richard Grenell, former Director of National Intelligence. He also said, "They hate America." Stop giving these condescending elites money."

"So stupid. Erick Erickson agreed that the American flag should not offend you.

Readers also questioned the patriotism of the Times last month after Mara Gay, a contributor to the Times, stated on MSNBC that she was disturbed to see "dozens" of American flags flown by Trump supporters while on a weekend trip to Long Island.

Gay stated that she was in Long Island visiting a dear friend and was "really disturbed" by her experience. I saw dozens and dozens upon dozens of pickup trucks that had explicatives [sic] about Joe Biden on them. Trump flags and in some cases just as many American flags. It was very disturbing. This is my country. This is not your nation. This is my country.

Instead of distancing from Gay's controversial views, the Times quickly defended Gay and released the following statement.

Mara Gay, a member of the New York Times editorial board, said that MSNBC's comments were irresponsible and out of context. Her argument was that Trump, along with many of his supporters, had politicized America's flag. She is being attacked today because she is ill-informed.

In 2016, the Times headlined "Is the National Anthem Racist?" Beyond the Colin Kaepernick Debate

Media have been questioning the flag as a symbol of freedom, but it's not the only one. The Washington Post's Philip Kennicott asked readers to admit that the Statue of Liberty was never measured up.

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