NYC career criminal released after DA downgrades charges for attacking sanitation worker

Christian Hall had already been charged with 19 offences and 10 active bench warrants when he was arrested.

NYC career criminal released after DA downgrades charges for attacking sanitation worker

Court records show that Alvin Bragg, a violent career criminal, had his felony robbery case downgraded to misdemeanor under the guidance of the embattled Manhattan District attorney. Bragg was arrested for an unrelated attack against a sanitation worker.

According to a criminal complaint, Christian Hall (30) allegedly struck the Chelsea city worker in the forehead from behind on Wednesday.
"The defendant attacked an uniformed New York City Department of Sanitation worker during his routine duties," Megan Mers stated Thursday at Hall’s arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court. She was facing two counts of assault.

Mers stated that Hall was guilty of the alleged crime despite having 19 open cases, 14 failures in court appearances and 10 active bench warrants.

In a November 2021 case, Hall allegedly entered Manhattan's building and attacked one victim. He then dragged another victim across the floor. Hall then pulled out a knife and threatened to stab another victim. In that attack, he was charged with misdemeanor attacking and misdemeanor possessing a weapon.

Judge Kevin McGrath placed Hall under $25,000 cash or bond in this latest case. This was at the request by the prosecutor.

Mers didn't mention Hall's Jan. 6th prior bust for allegedly attacking an employee at a Chelsea TJMaxx with a pair shears.

The staffer attempted to stop Hall leaving the store carrying a bag of bedding, shoes for women and bath supplies products. Hall allegedly pulled out a pair of scissors and shouted "Don't touch me!" According to the criminal complaint.

Hall was arrested by police for third-degree Robbery. However, prosecutors wrote up the complaint without mentioning details about the use or threat to the worker. The New York Post exclusive reported.

According to the newspaper, the arresting officer refused signing the complaint until the language had been added.

Hall's robbery charge was reduced to misdemeanor petite larceny, in accordance Bragg's controversial memo "Day One", and he was released without bail.

Bragg issued a Jan. 3 memo two days after he took office directing prosecutors to reduce commercial robberies down to petit larcenies, if the brandishing a knife or any other weapon "doesn't create a genuine danger of physical harm."

The memo's soft-on-crime policies drew out widespread outrage and the beleaguered DA was forced to reverse course by a letter to employees on Friday.

He stated that commercial robberies that were committed at knifepoint or with any other weapon that poses a risk to physical harm will be considered a felony.

Bragg was hammered by cops, prosecutors, and defense lawyers at a time in which most forms of violent crime are on the rise in the city.

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