Observing World Refugee Day With Growing Worldwide Displacement

1 percent of the planet's population remains homeless. If you aren't, you're among those lucky ones blessed to live in the protection of your house and on your area.

Observing World Refugee Day With Growing Worldwide Displacement

According to the most recent annual International Trends report published by UNHCR, the amount of people displaced by conflict, violence and persecution reached a listing 82.4 million in 2020, regardless of the consequences of COVID-19.

One million kids were created as refugees.

Due to mid-2020, over 26 million globally are refugees.

A UN report from March 2019 cited 94 percent of Venezuelans lived in poverty.

An estimated 35 million (42 percent ) of those 82.4 million forcibly displaced men and women are children below 18 decades old. They're deprived of a balanced, healthful nurturing lifestyle and overlooking regular youth, schooling and education.

Turkey hosts the greatest number of refugees, with almost 3.7 million individuals . Colombia is next with 1.7 million, such as Venezuelans displaced overseas

More people are murdered in Congo armed battle over the many decades than any war since World War II.

Now, roughly 880,000 stateless Rohingya refugees reside from the world's biggest and most densely populated refugee camp, Kutupalong--almost half of those refugees are children.

Colombians--fleeing the armed conflict that has lasted over 50 years--made up 23 percent of those Latin American and Caribbean refugees at 2020.

"Provided that warlords continue to dancing to the songs of battle and violence and go ahead, girls and kids will eternally be victims of the activities --this series is hard to break. Perpetrators of violence have to be held liable to empower and alleviate the pain of women and kids who constantly wind up as refugees," states an 18-year-old internally displaced mom from Kenya.

The negative effect of displacement, particularly of children, leads to decreased longterm livelihood prospects. Exposure to violence sets deep-rooted PTSD among kids whose college learning is changed. Kids residing in temporary refugee camps, deprived of education and a balanced nourishment, have reduced age-appropriate height.


Almost 19.4 million internally displaced children due to violence and battle.
Another 2.1 million homeless due to natural, ecological disasters.
Over 52,000 Palestinians proved once more displaced due to the latest Israeli air strikes that ruined and destroyed almost 450 buildings in the Gaza Strip. Of the 243 Palestinians murdered 39 were girls and 66 kids.

By December 2020, of the entire inhabitants of Nagorno-Karabakh 145,000, after the 44-day bombardment of Turkish-led Azerbaijani warfare, a few 100,000 individuals were forced to flee their houses. The majority of the girls, children, and the older took refuge in Armenia.

Within a month, the Myanmar army and security forces shooting live ammunition at peaceful protesters, murdered a minimum of 20 girls .

Beyond statistics and numbers, these are human beings that are affected and continue to endure. They're people, not amounts. And all of them deserve better.

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