Official says that a woman was stabbed more than 40 times after being followed into her NYC apartment.

During an arraignment of the suspect, the prosecution shared some chilling details regarding the death Christina Yuna Lee.

Official says that a woman was stabbed more than 40 times after being followed into her NYC apartment.

Christina Yuna Lee was stabbed more then 40 times by a suspect, who followed her to her apartment in Chinatown and imitated her voice as she answered the door.

Assamad Nah was charged with first-degree murder and burglary in connection to the killing of Lee on Sunday, New York City police announced.

Prosecutors shared some chilling details about the case Monday at his arraignment.

25-year-old Nash was captured on surveillance footage following Lee, 35. She entered her apartment around 4:20 AM Sunday. According to the criminal complaint, he followed her up six flights and then remained one flight behind, looking up, before running into her unit's front door.

Lee's screams were heard by neighbors who called the police.

Police arrived at Lee's call for help. However, when she stopped speaking, the police heard another voice.

According to the prosecution, it was Nash imitating a woman's voice and saying they didn’t need police.

The suspect tried to escape through a fire escape, but he saw an officer on top of the building and returned inside the victim's home. Prosecutors said that the officer found a yellow object in suspect's hands.

Lee was found in her bathroom with several stab wounds when emergency service unit officers arrived at her apartment at 5:40 AM. Prosecutors said she was naked from her waist down.

Nash was discovered under the bed with a yellow-handled, hidden knife behind the dresser. According to prosecutors, he had a stabbing wound to his torso as well as cuts to his hands and shoulders.

Lee was on supervised release in three cases, according to prosecutors. He also had a long record in New Jersey at the time of his death.

He could be sentenced to life imprisonment if convicted.

Police are currently investigating whether the accused was the victim of a crime motivated by racial animus.

Nash, who was being led out of the Fifth Precinct stationhouse Monday handcuffed, said that he had not killed anyone.

NBC News reached out to his lawyer for comment.

Lee was a senior producer at Splice, which is a digital music platform. He also graduated from Rutgers University, Variety reported.

Splice paid tribute to Christina by saying: "Our hearts have been broken." Christina is an irreplaceable artist, always dedicated to creating beautiful, inclusive art.


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