Officials: Many Haitian migrants have been released by the US

Two U.S. officials announced Tuesday that many Haitian migrants who had been living in Texas's border town were being released. This contradicts the Biden administration's claims that thousands of camp residents would be expelled immediately.

Officials: Many Haitian migrants have been released by the US

According to one U.S. official, Haitians were freed on a "very large scale" in recent times. Official with direct knowledge of the operations, who was not authorized to speak on the subject and spoke under anonymity

Many were released with notices that they must appear in an immigration office within 60-days. This is a quicker process than ordering appearances in immigration court, and it reflects the speed with which authorities are moving.

According to the official, the Homeland Security Department has been transporting Haitians from Del Rio to El Paso to Laredo, Rio Grande Valley, Rio Grande Valley, Rio Grande Valley, along the Texas border. This week, they added flights to Tucson, Arizona. The Border Patrol processes them at these locations.

Another U.S. official with direct knowledge, speaking under the condition of anonymity, stated that large numbers of Haitians are being processed according to immigration laws. They were not being put on expulsion flights to Haiti, which began Sunday. The official could not be more specific on how many.

In recent days, U.S. authorities searched for buses to Tucson. However, they had to resort to flying when they couldn’t find enough transport contractors. Coast Guard planes transported Haitians from Del Rio and El Paso.

Despite the fact that the U.S. was making massive efforts to expel Haitians from flights to Haiti, under pandemic-related authority which denies migrants the right to seek asylum, the U.S. released the release. Unauthorized to discuss operations, a third U.S. official said that seven daily flights were planned to Haiti starting Wednesday.

Associated Press journalists observed large-scale releases at Del Rio bus station. These accounts are inconsistent with statements made by Alejandro Mayorkas (Homeland Security Secretary), who was in Del Rio to promise quick action.

He said that if you illegally enter the United States, you will be deported, your journey won't succeed and you will endanger your family's lives."

These releases were made amid an immediate effort to clear the camp under the bridge that held over 14,000 people in a town of 35,000. Texas Governor. Greg Abbott visited Del Rio Tuesday and said that the top official of the county told him that the latest count at the camp was 8,600 migrants.

Although the criteria for deciding who is allowed to fly to Haiti and who is not was unclear, two U.S. officials stated that single adults are the preferred option for expulsion flights.

Late Tuesday night, the Homeland Security Department didn't immediately respond to a request.

Mexico began busing and flying Haitian migrants from Mexico to the U.S. border on Tuesday. This signaled a new level in support for the United States, as the camp presented President Joe Biden a humanitarian and more political challenge.

Bipartisan criticism is directed at the White House. Republicans claim that the policies of the Biden administration led Haitians to believe that they would be granted asylum. After images of Border Patrol agents riding on horseback and using aggressive tactics against migrants went viral, Democrats have expressed outrage.

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