Online Casino Slots Sites Controversies

While online slots are incredibly fun and exciting games, they are not without controversy

Online Casino Slots Sites Controversies

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While online slots are incredibly fun and exciting games, they are not without controversy. There are various rules and restrictions which have had to be put in place by regulatory bodies to ensure that an online slot site like Mr Luck does not attempt to deceive the player. There are actually a variety of things that can result in a casino getting banned. 

Reasons why a Casino Site could get Banned 

There is no set of requirements which means that casinos will be blacklisted or banned. Instead there is a general list of things that indicate a casino should be banned. It is uncommon for these things to happen in a casino chain and instead much more likely in an independent casino. 

  1. Failing to payout is one of the main reasons why a casino gets banned. Anytime a customer wins a game, they rightfully expect to receive some money. If a casino gives players excuses after excuses as to why they cannot be paid then this could result in them getting banned.

  2. Rigging games is cheating and it is illegal, no matter if it’s the player or the casino itself. Any kind of unfair play is treated extremely seriously by gambling authorities.

  3. Changing terms is a sly way that some casinos try to get around giving money to players.

  4. Licensing is one of the most common reasons why a casino is blacklisted. Failing to produce an adequate license is a serious offense and can result in some serious charges. 

What is the Blacklist 

The blacklist is simply a list of casinos considered to be rogue, this means that they operate independently of any regulatory body and as a result have breached some regulations. Putting a casino on a blacklist is a very serious thing to do, it means that it is a casino which customers should avoid and in some cases law enforcement will get involved in the matter. While it is possible for a casino to get off the blacklist, this is very unlikely to happen due to the extended period of time it takes for a casino to show that they have managed to change their ways.


There are various reasons why controversies can arise at a casino. 

●     Games which are used can be a big factor, sometimes casinos will use slots which are known to be controversial or simply use slots which don’t have the adequate software which players expect.

●     False Advertising often results in many headaches for casinos, both online and brick and mortar. Gambling regulators have been known to force casino sites to remove their advertising of slots because they accidentally appeal too much to children!

●     Poor Customer Support is something which players are likely to hear about quickly, word spreads fast throughout the online slot community. 

Final Thoughts 

There are many ways a casino can be embroiled in controversy, things such as false advertising, withholding payments and even poor customer support can have serious repercussions. Luckily there are several gambling regulatory bodies which ensure that most casinos are legitimate.

Updated Date: 12 April 2021, 20:11

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