Pensions: Ruffin asks the Insoumis to be “up to the people”

A direct appeal to his colleagues in the hemicycle

Pensions: Ruffin asks the Insoumis to be “up to the people”

A direct appeal to his colleagues in the hemicycle. François Ruffin, leader of the deputies of La France insoumise for the debate on pensions in the hemicycle, asked his colleagues on Tuesday, February 14 to be "at the height of the people" who are demonstrating "smoothly", the next day of a new incident in the Assembly.

MP Aurélien Saintoul had to apologize to Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt on Monday after calling him a "murderer" and "impostor", which sparked outrage on almost all the benches and caused a suspension of session. "His words far exceeded his thoughts," reacted François Ruffin on LCI.

But "we have a duty to live up to the people, who are out in their millions and with whom there are no clashes", he added, speaking of a "cold anger". "We have to talk about the substance, that's where we're going to be good, where the French are going to be with us," said François Ruffin, believing that "the center of gravity is with people and not in this happening in the Assembly".

The deletion of a thousand amendments by the left on Monday "says our desire to move forward on the text", he added. For his part, the deputy and coordinator of LFI Manuel Bompard asked the government to extend the debates beyond Friday evening. "We're going to take two years of retirement from millions of people in this country, we can spend more than ten days of debates in the National Assembly! he argued on France info.

"I have no problem voting on Article 7," which deals with raising the retirement age from 62 to 64, he said. The intersyndicale called for a fifth day of action on Thursday and raises the specter of a "France at a standstill" on March 7, after the school holidays.

"It takes a country at a standstill to stop Emmanuel Macron", "when against seven out of ten French people he continues his reform", said François Ruffin in reference to polls which show that opinion is mainly unfavorable to reform.

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