Police drop Bill against Black Guy, 18, Detained while walking in Texas snowstorm

'They should have taken him is where he should have gone,' authorities said

Police drop Bill against Black Guy, 18, Detained while walking in Texas snowstorm

Authorities in Texas have fell a misdemeanor charge against a Black guy who had been detained last week when walking home through a snowstorm.

He was headed home after working in Walmart past Tuesday, reports stated.

"There is a great deal of information we all know about this situation that we did not understand at the moment. Those officers did not know his era. They did not understand he was 18. They did not understand that he worked at Walmart.

The department published bodycam footage from this episode on Friday, which stated that officers responded to a welfare test after a caller reported that a Black guy"sporting a short-sleeve blouse and shirt" was"stumbling" because he walked down the street amid cold and freezing conditions. Reese was discovered by officials wearing a T-shirt and trousers.

Drain said the arrest was not in agreement with the welfare test, which was why officers were known to inquire.

"They should have taken him is where he should have gone," he added.

According to police, officers were concerned for his welfare amid the chilly weather together with the risk he had been in"a psychological catastrophe, delusional, or diminished," so that they followed him.

I am right," Reese stated from the body camera footage.

"Alright, but you are walking in the center of the street," an officer reacted.

"I know that.

Officers continued to follow Reese for about two minutes until they ceased to inform him they had been"performing an investigation."

"I do not care.

Officers then advised him that he had been arrested, according to the bodycam footage. The arresting officer stated that Reese resisted arrest, however, officials decided to not alter himaccording to the department.

"They treated me as though I had been a criminal or something," Reese stated in a meeting using FOX 4. "Only an easy experience. An easy experience. That is why I attempted to dodge it, so that I could make it home, I do not understand."

Reese stated he believes he was detained because he's Black. Drain stated he does not believe race was a element in the arrest.

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