Policy. Emmanuel Macron: Paris must serve the field

Since his re-election, Emmanuel Macron hadn't spoken for a while.

Policy. Emmanuel Macron: Paris must serve the field

Since his re-election, Emmanuel Macron hadn't spoken for a while. He chose to interview the regional daily newspaper for his first major interview since the beginning of his second term. This was done in the ambassadors lounge at the Elysee. Why local media? It is a political decision that the president is attached to. He reiterates his desire to reverse the pyramid and start at the bottom in order to find solutions. "The French are tired with top-down reforms. They are more sensible than flyers. Paris must serve the field. He announces the National Council for Refoundation. CNR is the National Resistance Council. This historical reference has been chosen and assumed. He said that we are currently experiencing an identical series of crises and war right at our doorstep. Jupiterian was the president for his first five-year term. He promises a different method and explains it in detail. It is a large week before the legislative election, when the dynamic tends to favor the left opposition more than the majority. This is not a coincidence, of course.

It is important to distinguish between quick and strong action and haste. Our lives will be directly affected by the war in Europe. This will be a time of crisis. The first weeks of my mandate were used to request a text from the government on purchasing power (for civil servants, employees, young people, beneficiaries of social minima on food, etc.). . These past weeks have been devoted to Ukraine support. The time came for investitures and the creation of the government.

Re-election is not an electoral vote. Had there been grace in 1988 and 2002? These are historic and extraordinary times. There are neither happy weeks nor crazy weeks.

During the campaign, I had five goals: independence (industrial and military, food full-employment, carbon neutrality), public services for equal opportunity, democratic rebirth with institution reform, and public services for democracy. I plan to create a National Council for Refoundation with the political, social, and associative forces, elected representatives from the territories, and citizens drawn by lot. These priorities must be shared by the nation. This advice, which i will give myself, will be activated immediately after the legislative election. It is my hope that the Prime Minister, and her government, can make it a reality.

The first series will consist of several days, followed by regular appointments. This is where we will present our reforms. The purchasing power will be the first. We will answer civil servants with index points, as well as retirees.

The purchasing power law, a simplification of emergency texts for energy projects and the purchasing power bill will be up for vote starting in the summer. We will then start the major projects: ecology, production, and public services. The reform of the pension system, which is vital for financing our transformations, will be initiated after the council. It will enter effect in the summer 2023.

Similar times are ours. We live in an historical era that requires a fundamental change of model. Then the war begins. The National Council for Refoundation should define our goals and means regarding school and health. Then, starting in September, I want discussions to take place on the ground in the 1,200 areas of living, with whom all stakeholders will be affiliated, such as doctors, paramedics and patient associations. We will have several months to identify and develop projects. We will have a roadmap and estimated resources. The same for school. We will bring together parents, educators, extracurricular staff, elected representatives, and students in high school. This cultural revolution begins at the ground and includes all actors. We will use the appropriate means. French people are tired of top-down reforms. They are more sensible than flyers. Paris must always be there for the field.

The rectorate was required to respond to an emergency. We must do more than just react to evil. Revalue and reaffirm the essential role of teaching as a profession. Also, we must increase salaries, allow pedagogical freedom, and support the first year, so that young teachers can also find housing. Let school directors voice their opinions on recruitment. This will ensure that the person recruited follows the educational project.

It is easy to admit that it was a mistake. The same problem exists in our school system. We don't learn how to make mistakes and fix them. The new pact will gradually be implemented until the 2023 academic calendar year.

It should be easy to do this food check. It is preferable that the payment be made in one lump sum. It will then be necessary to shift towards more targeted devices, such as gasoline with a device that can accommodate large-wheelers starting in the fall. Two things are needed to increase purchasing power. The first is to keep investing so more people have jobs and work pays better. The France Travail reform (exPole emploi editor's note) will be in place this summer to help as many people as possible return to work. The second is to accelerate our exit from dependence on oil and gas.

Yes. Our compatriots must have visibility. It is mine.

The job is still in progress. This philosophy is good because it focuses on road safety and common sense.

Our country believes that every problem can be solved with public money. This is false. Two million caregivers have been upgraded, with monthly upgrades of 184 to more than 400 euros. We have made 19 billion investments that will eventually be realized. The hospital staff feel trapped in a tunnel and cannot escape. It is important to see emergency service as a whole, not just one samu.

Obviously. What if it wasn't? Are you just reading news articles? We will be taking emergency decisions without the assistance of the refoundation board starting in July to provide a prompt response to the more than 100 situations that have been identified.

It is important not to confuse the difficulties in our hospitals with the suspension of unvaccinated staff. This is about staff who made an ethically questionable choice not to protect others. Once the health authorities inform us that we are back in an "endemic" situation and that there is no risk to our health, then reintegration work can be started. For all those who have been suspended, I remind them that there has been social support in the West Indies, especially for those in need.

Talking there to a President in the Republic, who was the first to recognize and act on it, is a very powerful thing. The chlordecone can also look you in your eyes and tell you who hasn't been there. To measure the rate at which chlordeconomy is occurring, I have created free tests that can be used by everyone. I have established compensation and will continue to work with the families, farmers, and territories that have been affected.

We will not forget anyone! It will be done without any demagoguery. But I was horrified by what happened to me on my fourth visit to the West Indies four years ago as president. It was something I condemned and we created a compensation fund. We never stopped moving forward. It is always a surprise to me to see elected officials, who sometimes have been in charge for over twenty years, explain to us that we aren't moving fast enough.

No, I won't make any announcements here. It is necessary to do real pedagogy. Prevention is key to a healthy health system. This is one of our structural flaws. When I refer to prevention, I also include vaccination. A prevention strategy includes getting vaccinated against flu and other known viruses.

Over the last ten years, safety standards have improved significantly. This is why we have nuclear power that is safe. We immediately stop working if there is any defect. This is a huge roadmap. That's why I decided to create a separate Ministry of Energy. We will increase our investments in the fleet, the new fleet, and in innovations that move towards small and modular reactors as well as renewable energies.

You can be assured that there is no chance of a reduction because we source our supplies from Europe when we have a demand. It is absurd to hear extreme left and right proposals that we must leave the European energy market. Mr. Melenchon, Mrs. Mr. Melenchon and Mrs. Le Pen propose the blackout, which could lead to being shut off. EDF purchases energy from neighbors when there is not enough production. On the other hand, there are weeks where we produce more energy than we need. We sell our energy to neighbours.

That's not how I think. I've chosen to place ecology at the center of government. The Fifth Republic's history has seen the Prime Minister take over ecological planning for the first time. It is in the title and will irrigate all. This was requested by scientists and environmentalists, who prefer to see a well-functioning organization at the top of the state to a person who is not capable of making the right decisions or has the ability to act. We will start the summer with the law to facilite energy projects, and we will also start the school year by committing the schools to installing air quality sensors.

Let it implement the agenda I announced in Montpellier and confirmed in Nice, Brest, and in Polynesia. This is a fundamental French maritime ambition. We are the second-largest maritime power in the world, and our heritage must be preserved and improved in a sustainable manner.

It is an independent entity that is attached to the Prime Minister.

Who said I hesitated?

General de Gaulle stated that I must read the press in order to understand what I think. Madame Vautrin, a qualified elected representative, will be responsible for this five-year term. I hope so, but the profiles are not comparable or interchangeable. Both for the Prime Minister as well as the government, the choices I made reflect continuity, solidity, and renewal.

Jean-Michel Blanquer is a man I want to remember. His successors will be able build on his many successes and he was a great Republican. It is good for such a ministry to be able change. Jean-Michel Blanquer, will also need to assume these responsibilities.

He is a champion of equal opportunity and republican principles. With sensibilities that are different from Jean Michel Blanquer's, but with continuity because the French policy I will follow is the one that I am committed to. Pap Ndiaye does not question republican universalism, as I have heard. It was also the right choice, finally, as we need to make essential reforms.

It will be necessary for CM2 to evaluate fundamental knowledge and to perform unprecedented transformations in college. This is especially true at the level 6th, which is a rocking Class, just like the CP.

We supported and accompanied the liberation from violence against women's speech. This is a cause that I have championed over the course of my five-year term. Gender equality remains the main goal. It is important to protect the presumption that innocence. Damien Abad has the same rights as any other citizen. I wish he does a good job.

To get in touch quickly, to plan this agenda, and to prepare the trip I intend to make. I believe in concrete and improving lives.

This topic is a favorite of ours...

These formulas are dangerous!

It doesn't matter what people do, it matters how they live better. There is no taboo, I said it. However, experience has shown that theoretical debates can lead to the neglect of regulating what is actually happening in everyday life. These debates are open to me and I'm willing to participate in them. As part of the institutional reform I want to lead I believe that the topic of our overseas territories is going to be brought up and that there should be some ad-hoc work. It is possible, and I am willing to do it. However, that does not mean we have to stop working. We can also say autonomy. For example, I can answer that the Republic has never invested so much in another territory's health system. If the French Republic hadn't decided to invest several hundred millions euros, there wouldn't be a Guadeloupe hospital. This is concreter than a discussion on a text. This is not possible in any other territory. That I accept, Sometimes I believe that I am less demagoguerous than the extremes.

I felt the same way as everyone else, outraged at all forms of disorder and what we saw. I value order and calm. I think of the families who were pushed around and who are unable to access the places that they paid for. It is my hope that they can be compensated as soon as possible. Transparency is also what I want. I demanded transparency from the government.

There is also a problem with violence. It is necessary to be extremely demanding of the police. This is something I have done all my life. However, I don't know of any police officer or gendarme that would compromise his fellow citizens. Violence is becoming more common in public spaces. A huge social network project is also needed.

Sylvain Tesson has a great formula that says "France is populated with people who believe they live in paradise "... Our democracy goes through a crisis as all democracies." This is why I am trying out this new method. Our compatriots would like to be involved in decisions.

I would establish the cross-partisan commission that was promised in the election this fall. Our system is flawed. However, I see the Jean-Luc Melenchon and Madame Le Pen projects as a project of disordered submission. They explained that we need to get rid of all our European alliances and create strategic alliances with Russia. It's submission to Russia. I read the Nupes program. The program's spirit is clear because they cite the words prohibition and taxation 20 times each. Is it a freedom project, no doubt? Will that not drive people insane?

Never have I written political fiction. I hope that the French will continue to elect a solid majority in the next presidential election. This stable, serious majority will be there to support them in times of crisis and plan for the future. There is also a Constitution. It is rare to win an election you have not run for. The president selects the prime minister he chooses by looking at parliament. The President cannot be imposed by any political party.

All democracies care. There is a paradox in our society where one can express himself freely but are not interested in voting. We must revitalize our democratic debate. This is why I would like to raise the issue of proportionality. This reform should be launched in the fall, and the results will be available as soon as 2023.

In February, I was there to avoid war. I don't rule out anything today. With the sixth package of sanctions, which includes an embargo on 90% Russian oil, we have made a historic decision. We are seeking to expand our military and financial support for Ukraine. Finally, we must do all that is necessary to obtain grain from Ukraine. The Ukrainian people are courageous and they deserve our support.

These deliveries will be compensated. These deliveries will be compensated by our industrialists. It is not just a matter of replenishing our stock but also strengthening our independence.

It is alarming, but it is true. It is why I invest so much of my time and energy in it. Since December, I can't count how many conversations I have had since then with Vladimir Putin. I spent over 100 hours with Vladimir Putin in transparency and at Zelinsky's request. We cannot humiliate Russia to the point that, when the fighting ceases, diplomatic channels can be used to find a way out. It is France's role to act as a mediator.

He made a grave and historic mistake, I believe, and I informed him. Russia is still a great country. He seems to have become isolated. It is one thing to be isolated, but it is quite another to know how to break free.

There is no risk. There is no risk.

It appears...

(Laughs.) You can rest assured that I am not involved in any transfer! When it comes to sport, I'm like everyone else. I want to watch a good game and support a team. In this case, Olympique de Marseille. I spoke upstream with Kylian Mbappe to encourage him to remain in France. It is the responsibility of the President to defend the country, I replied in a casual and friendly manner.

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