Policy. Macron flatters esports at the Elysee Palace once more... waiting for something concrete

This Friday, June 3, is a unique parade in the Elysee courtyard.

Policy. Macron flatters esports at the Elysee Palace once more... waiting for something concrete

This Friday, June 3, is a unique parade in the Elysee courtyard. Around 200 French esports players are invited by Emmanuel Macron to the reception room at the presidential palace. This includes a lunch with Ursula Von der Leyen (President of the European Commission) and a meeting of Michael Bloomberg, UN Climate Special.

Desire Koussawo (president of France Esports Association) says, "What you are doing now is extraordinary." Since more than twenty years, the French esports scene is seeking recognition from the authorities.

There are many great electronic sports figures: Kamel "Kameto", Kebir, and Amine ("Prime") Mekri, founders of Karmine Corp. Vitality president Fabien (Neo) Devide. Charles ("Noi") Lapassat, commentator for Web TV One Trick Production (OTP), commentators Fabien (“Chips”) Culie and Charles (“Noi”) Lapassat, have all been there. You can also find the great past glories of Bora "Yellowstar", Kim, and current figures like Sebastien (Ceb) Debs or William ("Glutonny") Belaid, as well as those in the making like Vincent "Vetheo," Berrie, or Gwendal [Gwen] Duparc.

Adrien Nougaret (among other organizers) was the Trackmania Cup's final stage, which was held at the Accor Arena on Saturday. This small group was also able to come together after the competition was postponed for two year due to Covid-19. "We wanted to make a gesture of recognition and show that in this country, where we have Paralympic and Olympic medalists, we can celebrate French esports on the occasion of major events and gatherings," Emmanuel Macron said.

"I have to say that I find it very funny, especially when you consider how the Trackmania Cup, at base, was an event made for fun and with bits and string," laughs ZeratoR. He briefly challenged Emmanuel Macron as they descend from the stage. It's surprising that there are so many things I didn't expect with this competition. But the fact that it was the theme for the first esports meeting at Elysee Palace is truly at the top of my list." -he.

But this is not the first time Emmanuel Macron has tried to win favor with the sector. In May 2021, President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, praised Karmine Corp's victory in the European League of Legends competition (the European Masters) on Twitter. These gestures have been multiplied since April, with the acceleration of the electoral succession. This was undoubtedly done to attract the 9.4million consumers and practitioners aged 15 or older identified by the France Esports 2021 Barometer.

Emmanuel Macron walked along the beaches of Le Touquet wearing a Vitality sweatshirt, in the reserve period just before the second round. The Head of State had told colleagues from The Big Whale, specialized media, that he would do all he could to ensure that France hosted several major events on circuit, along with the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. esports: A "Major” from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the World Championships of League of Legends. Or "The International" (DotA2).

The promises made by the Head of State were also reiterated at the Elysee on Friday, one week before the first round in the legislative elections. ZeratoR concedes that it is impossible not to think about political recovery. However, the rally has had some impact in the community.

He continues, "In reality, we don't need politics to create the esports world in which we have always developed." However, we do have a need to organize, legislate and structure our environment to make our lives more simple. This reception could be a positive sign for us, if it was able to demonstrate our existence to the world.

Nicolas Besombes (ex-vice-president France Esports) believes that the positive signals sent for a month must be "received." He said that there were people around him who witnessed the media fallout from his Vitality sweatshirt. The ecosystem is sending a message to say "we play your game, but in return we give you the favor."

According to the researcher, there was progress in public policies during Macron's first five years of office, but not enough resources. He said that France is "a pioneer in terms relations with the public authorities", but the national strategy 2020-2025, which the Head of State didn't mention, led to "no direct directive to it be deployed". This leaves "all the responsibility to the local authorities, who sometimes discover there is a national plan and are unable to follow them."

Nicolas Besombes feels a little bitter after the five-year presidency of Macron. However, the researcher is happy that the ecosystem has "arrived at the opening of the doors, with an appreciation that is important". He concludes, "Now we have to move ahead and open the door wider."