The Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, considers that it is “possible” to reach a “coalition” agreement between Podemos and Sumar, since it is “the best option” to revalidate a government with the Socialists, and has warned Vice President Yolanda Díaz that The division is a scenario that they already experienced four years ago with Íñigo Errejón.

In an interview on Radiocable, Montero has expressed his concern with the “doubts” that the leader of Sumar, Yolanda Díaz, has shown about the role that Podemos should play in the next electoral cycle or “the voices” that may be telling him not to count on the purple ones.

A situation, he recalled, that they have gone through at other times, such as when four years ago “there were many voices that told Íñigo Errejón to shoot without Podemos because he was going to have a very good electoral result, so this is already we have lived”.

In the 2019 general elections, when Errejón presented his national project of Más País, the former leader of Podemos won three seats, five times less than his initial expectations.

The also deputy for Unidas Podemos urges reaching “a coalition agreement between Podemos and Sumar” in which it includes the call for open primaries as the best way to resolve these doubts about the leadership of Podemos and resolve the differences, as Its general secretary, Ione Belarra, has put on the table.

“It is evident that we are different spaces, that Podemos is not the same as Más Madrid or that Podemos is not the same as Compromís,” Montero made clear, for whom the project that Yolanda Díaz has decided to build is also “different” from hers. .

However, he has reiterated that the “best” is an agreement between Podemos and Sumar to go to the elections together and has warned that the controversy is diverting the fundamental political objective, which is none other than to revalidate the coalition government and achieve after the general elections an Executive that continues advancing in rights.

And he has added: “The more force Podemos has in the Government, the easier it will be for the transformations to take place in an ambitious way.”

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