Protesters for Amir Locke demand the resignation of the acting chief police officer

A caravan of vehicles drove through Minneapolis to demand justice for Amir Locke's death. The 22-year-old Black man was shot and killed by Minneapolis police after officers executed a no-knock warrant.

Protesters for Amir Locke demand the resignation of the acting chief police officer

The Racial Justice Network and other accountability groups in the police force organized Sunday's 50-vehicle caravan.

The caravan then assembled in the neighborhood around the house of Amelia Huffman, the interim Police Chief. They sang the names of Locke and Breonna, a Black woman who was murdered by Kentucky policeduring an unrelated raid in 2020.

The Star Tribune reported that they also demanded Huffman's resignation.

"We're asking her for her job," stated activist Toussaint Morrison, speaking from a microphone outside the house. "It seems like the only time that they pay attention to is when it affects either their jobs or their income." We only pay attention when it impacts our lives.

This gathering follows a Saturday march that brought hundreds of protestors to the streets of Minneapolis. Protesters met at the Hennepin County Government Center, before marching through downtown.

Locke was shot to death Wednesday by a SWAT team who entered an apartment in downtown Minneapolis without knocking.

An police bodycam video shows an officer kick Locke's couch. The video shows Locke wrapped in a blanket and beginning to move with a pistol in one hand, just before the officer fires his weapon.

Andre Locke and Karen Wells claim that their son was "executed" after being awakened from deep sleep. He reached for a legal gun to defend himself.

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