"Ridiculous name": Jauch makes the candidate cry

Jauch has a bad suspicion from the midwife: "There is a conspiracy here.

"Ridiculous name": Jauch makes the candidate cry

Jauch has a bad suspicion from the midwife: "There is a conspiracy here." But she failed brutally with "Titanic" and van Gogh. Then Jauch also makes a candidate cry. "After the show, I'm ready for a vacation," he sighs.

The accumulation of East Frisians immediately made Günther Jauch suspicious. "It smells like corruption here, it's not the right thing to do," he speculated for fun in "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" The reason: the niece of his candidate Karin Weiden works like the previous candidate at the "Ostfriesen-Zeitung". "It's a conspiracy here. The winnings are only paid out with reservations," "threatened" Jauch. Unfortunately, there was not much to pay out for this candidate. She was just too sure about the classic film "Titanic" - and therefore went home with four jokers.

For 4,000 euros, the graduate psychologist and midwife was supposed to know what works by the then little-known painter the character played by Kate Winslet in "Titanic" was fascinated by. Weiden immediately settled on Vincent van Gogh. Secure? Jauch asked in view of the untouched stock of jokers. But Weiden logged her answer, unaware of any evil. "Fortunately, you are a qualified psychologist and you know how to deal with it now: It's Pablo Picasso," the RTL moderator had to enlighten her.

Weiden took it with composure. "Go out to eat," she replied to Jauch's question about what plans she had with the win. Predecessor Tobias Rümmele had moved from Freiburg to East Frisia because of the job at the local newspaper. It was also a bit of a culture shock in terms of climate, the 28-year-old said. "In winter you feel like you're in the polar night," he said, describing the lack of sunlight. However, the fact that the newcomer endured 52 hours on a post in his adopted country and thus won a competition commanded respect from Jauch. "You've already achieved a lot in terms of integration," he praised.

The journalist made ends meet easily. When asked for 64,000 euros, a gentleman in the audience with an affinity for cooking shows helped him to realize that "souffle" does not make for perfect Königsberger Klopse, but for exemplary Wiener Schnitzel with airy breading. In the next round, however, Rümmele, in contrast to Jauch, had no idea that anchor, comma or grasshopper escapements belonged to watchmakers.

To 64,000 euros and thus the maximum sum of this long edition of "Who wants to be a millionaire?" came the fourth candidate, Bianca Dietze from Taucha in Saxony. The airport employee sat down in the hot seat with her eyes already slightly teary - she was so moved by the first encounter with Jauch and the crash of her predecessor. "It blows my mind, I'm so emotional," she warned the host. With a somewhat thoughtless statement, he caused sobs shortly afterwards.

"Why do you have the ridiculous name 'Hirschi'?" asked the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" presenter from Dietze's husband. "It's not ridiculous," defended the candidate, who loves deer, the nickname for her loved one. The fact that tears welled up in her eyes did not go unnoticed by Jauch. "You can use something like that to... it's that fast?" the host wondered. Dietze sniffed and nodded: "So please be careful."

In the end, fortunately, the candidate shed tears of joy. She had even had the right instinct that so-called poussettes can be found on earrings and not on wristwatches. Dietze didn't mind that it was "only" 64,000 euros: "I wouldn't have dared to do that." Jauch was a little taken by the emotional ups and downs. "After the show, I'm ready for a vacation," he said.

Surplus candidate Vanessa Wajngarten from Berlin was also happy with her prize of 16,000 euros. The goldsmith and watchmaker had no idea that a centenary is also known as a centenary. The musician and non-medical practitioner Esther Gebhard from Hohenpeißenberg came to "Who wants to be a millionaire?" only up to the 2000 euro question and returns next Monday.