Rolling Loud Miami 2021: The Ten Best Performances

Inflatable mushrooms. A huge, caged spider. A glimpse into Astroworld. These are just three examples of the amazing visuals that amplify the best New Times performances at Rolling Loud 2021.

Rolling Loud Miami 2021: The Ten Best Performances

The largest hip-hop festival in America has been a place where artists of all levels can come together on stage. The 2018 edition was no exception. Many artists were able manipulate the stage to suit their amazing performances. Travis Scott, Young Thug and Don Toliver wanted to make a big statement with their energetic sets. However, other artists let the music and their smooth dance moves speak for themselves.

New Times viewed artists take to the four stages at Rolling Loud. They had one goal: to reach new fans and make a lasting impression on their loyal fans. Some added a few surprises to make the experience even more enjoyable, while others shared their hearts for all the world.

Here are the top performances from Rolling Loud 2021.

City Girls

The City Girls' best work is always a spiritual experience. The Miami rap duo took the crowd through their upbeat discography, from "Act Up" to "Twerkulator", and they did not disappoint. Yung Miami's friend Saucy Santa performed "Walk", a hit that the crowd instantly recognized. They exuded a strong sense of confidence and exuberant energy. City Girls' music was infectious. People were singing at the tops of their lungs, twerking as hard and shouting out their lyrics -- everything was just as it should be.

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