Ron Rivera joins the organizational appeal to let bygones go

The Commanders want you to stop talking about the past.

Ron Rivera joins the organizational appeal to let bygones go

The Commanders want you to stop talking about the past. The Commanders don't want to talk about the past championship years. They are now proudly engraved on the official crest of the organization. They want you not to think about the recent years of dysfunction in an inherently toxic workplace.

Coach Ron Rivera also added his respect to the message Wednesday at the press conference about the new contract that was given to Terry McLaurin.

Rivera stated, via John Keim at, "As you ask, please don’t judge us from, ‘This happened at this time in time.’" We are moving forward. We are changing the world. We are trying to do our best. It matters. I'm sure some people won't agree with me. It shows that you are capable of changing, adapting, and making things better. We are doing our best to correct our mistakes. We are correcting our errors and we have a lot of support."

While it is important to see that things are improving, it doesn't mean that you know the extent of the problems that led to the team's changes. It also makes it seem too easy when Daniel Snyder, the owner of the past problems wants to avoid a full and honest reckoning.

Rivera was not part of the problem and he is definitely trying to help. He did so knowing the history. It cannot be ignored, especially if it hasn't been thoroughly and fairly explored.

Rivera stated, "We're doing our best to put the best players in positions so that we can build something we all can be proud of." It's news, and I get upset. It's important to be on the field doing what you do; that's why we are trying to do it. We aren't trying to deny that what happened is important. We need to ensure that these things don't happen again in society.

That's fine. It's admirable. It's expected. It is not an excuse for what has happened in the past or ongoing efforts to hide the facts -- including Snyder's continuing effort to stiffarm the House Oversight Committee by refusing to accept service of a subpoena to testify that would help bring about reckoning. He also insists that everyone should look through the windshield and not the rearview mirror.

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