Rugby. National: The SOC offers a player selected from the Top 14

It's serious stuff.

Rugby. National: The SOC offers a player selected from the Top 14

It's serious stuff. Chambery was already struggling with its recruitment, particularly the Fijian star Vereniki Gneva (ex-Mont-de-Marsan), and the 2nd ex-international U20 Fabien Wiz (ex-Nevers), both from high-end clubs. de-array Pro D2. We are now able to see the 2nd Portuguese international line Steevy Cequeira (28 year old, 2.06m and 114kg) who signed for two-years. This Top 14 player will have spent four seasons in Brive (arrived in 2018-19), after having played at Stade Francais. He did not play in any of the Top 14 matches in Brive but he played three Challenge Cup matches in 2021-2022. He will be remembered as a Brive double meter, who played very little in his four years in Correze. His performance was hampered not only by injuries (1), but also by the competition at his position (15 games total, nine tenures). After having experienced the joys and challenges of the U17 tricolor selection, he decided to take the chance to become a Portuguese international in 2022.

He is a native of Ile-de-France. He was trained in Massy, then in Federal 1. After that, he spent three years in Lyon, where he played his first professional matches in Top 14 with two seasons in Pro D2). Then, he went to Beziers (Pro D2) in order to gain experience there (19 matches and 8 tenures), before joining the Stade Francais Paris (11) matches, 4 tenures and 1 try. He is known for being hardworking, combative, and active. However, he was not retained by the CAB after the season. Despite his inability to play next November, he will be available for the repechage tournament in fall. This is after Spain was disqualified from the 2023 World Cup. Cerqueira was also able to cover the 3rd line wing position. He had three tenures with "Greens" during his first selections.

Cerqueira performed in touch but was not able to attend the resumption SOC training on Monday, July 7, so Fabien Wit (2.02 m), could form a doublet of two meters with Cerqueira (2.32 m), which is quite rare in France next season in the 3rd French pro division. The Chambery touch, which was missing last year, is now back in full force.

(1): In January 2019, the right knee was trained with cruciate ligaments. The left ankle is then used for training.

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