Rugby. XV of France: This incredible record the young Blues can beat here in Japan

The Blues, world No.

Rugby. XV of France: This incredible record the young Blues can beat here in Japan

The Blues, world No.2 and winner of the Six Nations Tournament will face a double challenge on Saturday: Japan, their opponent, who they will face for the first-time since Fabien Gallthie took over the team. Heat and humidity will also play a significant role in the game.

The mystery surrounding the Brave Blossoms is especially evident. The Japanese have only played eight matches since their 2019 World Cup, which was won with a bang at the quarter-finals. They also lost three games against Uruguay (34-15, 43-7), and Portugal (38-25).

The French will not forget that their match against Cherry Blossoms in November 2017 ended in a pathetic draw (23-23)

Galthie's men have the chance to create their own history. The Blues of 2022 have eight consecutive wins and are performing as well as their predecessors.

It did not fare as well as the November 1986-June87 generation, which was led by Serge Blanco and Philippe Sella, Didier Camberabero and Pierre Berbizier... and who had played ten matches with no loss (including a draw). They will not be able to beat the New Zealand and England leaders (18 wins between August 2015-October 2016) and 18 wins between October 2015-March 2017.

Charles Ollivon, the ghost of Charles Dupont, is leading the young troupe. He wants to make it a success. The Blues can rely upon familiar faces if Gregory Alldritt, Romain Ntamack, and Antoine Dupont have retired.

They are the ten participants in the Grand Slam conquest this winter, as the Toulousains Thibaud Flour, Peato Mauvaka, and Matthis Lebel.

To this group must be added Racing 92 Virimi Vakatawa's center or UBB opener Matthieu Jlibert, who was unable to participate in the Six Nations Tournament because of injury. "Here, too, there are experienced players. Ollivon stated that we must rely on them.

The Blues in Asia aren't blue. Except for the third line Racing 92 Yoantanga and second line UBB Thomas Jolmes who will be experiencing their first international cap. You'll be surprised at what you see. Not sure. Raphael Ibanez, manager of Japan, says that Japan is an improving team.

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