Russian offensive in Kharkiv, war in Gaza, Eurovision… the five things to remember from the weekend

Have you missed the news a bit in the last two days? We summarize the main information for Saturday May 11 and Sunday May 12

Russian offensive in Kharkiv, war in Gaza, Eurovision… the five things to remember from the weekend

Have you missed the news a bit in the last two days? We summarize the main information for Saturday May 11 and Sunday May 12.

Russia said on Sunday it was advancing in the Kharkiv oblast, in eastern Ukraine, claiming the capture of four additional localities as part of the offensive it launched on Friday, pushing more than 4,000 civilians to flee. On Saturday, the Russian army claimed to have conquered five Ukrainian villages in this region.

“The situation on the front remains tense,” acknowledged the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, General Oleksandr Syrsky, adding that, “this week, the situation [had] significantly deteriorated in Kharkiv Oblast.” Ukrainian troops are engaged in “fierce” fighting and “the situation is evolving rapidly,” he said.

kyiv has warned for weeks that Moscow could try to attack northeastern border regions as Ukraine faces delays in Western aid and a shortage of soldiers.

A major offensive in Rafah, a city that Israel considers the last bastion of Hamas, “cannot take place” because it would contravene “international humanitarian law,” said Volker Türk, high commissioner for human rights. of the United Nations, Sunday. “The latest evacuation orders affect nearly a million people in Rafah. Where should they go now? There is no safe place in Gaza! “, he continued. For Antony Blinken, the American Secretary of State, such an action would cause “chaos” and “anarchy”, without eliminating Hamas.

The day before, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, had described, on As for Josep Borrell, the head of diplomacy of the European Union, he considered the evacuation of the population massed in Rafah to “unsafe areas” “intolerable”.

According to the United Nations, some 1.4 million Palestinians, most displaced by Israeli bombing and fighting, are crowded into Rafah. Some 300,000 of them left the eastern districts of the city after several evacuation orders issued by Israel, according to the army.

Nemo won Eurovision for Switzerland on Sunday with The Code, becoming the first non-binary artist to be crowned in the competition, at the end of a 2024 edition marked by heated controversy over the participation of Israel, at war against Hamas in Gaza.

“I hope this competition can continue to encourage [efforts for] peace and dignity for everyone,” the 24-year-old said as he received his trophy at the Malmö Arena in southern Sweden. Nemo collected 591 points, surpassing the Croatian favorite, Baby Lasagna, and his 547 points. Ukraine finished third (453 points) and France – represented by Slimane and his song Mon amour – fourth (445 points). Israeli Eden Golan, whistled several times by opponents of the war in Gaza, came in fifth place with 323 points for her song Hurricane.

A video posted on social networks with the sole caption “THANK YOU”. Kylian Mbappé made his departure from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) official on Friday evening at the end of the season, after seven years spent in the red and blue colors. The news had already leaked in February, but the attacker had not yet spoken publicly on the subject. “There you go, it’s my last year at PSG, I’m not going to extend [my contract] and I’m going to end my adventure [in Paris] in a few weeks,” he declares, facing the camera.

He will play his last match at the Parc des Princes in the colors of PSG on Sunday evening (from 9 p.m.) for the 33rd day of Ligue 1 against Toulouse. The farewells will take place in an icy climate between the club management and the player, established since Mbappé announced last summer that he would not activate the extension clause in his contract.

If he has not revealed his next club, it should be – barring any drama – Real Madrid, whose coach, Carlo Ancelotti, questioned on Saturday evening about the possible arrival of the French international, assured that he was focusing “for now” on the end of his club’s season, without further comment.

Impressive northern lights could be admired during the night from Friday to Saturday, much further south than in the regions where they are usually observable. And Europe, including France, was concerned.

The phenomenon is linked to an “extreme” solar storm, an event that has not occurred for more than twenty years. This level 5 geomagnetic storm - the maximum graduation -, noted Friday by the American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency, is caused by the arrival on Earth of a series of coronal mass ejections. These are “bursts of energetic particles and magnetic fields radiating from the Sun,” explained Shawn Dahl of the US Space Weather Prediction Center.

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