Salt Lake City Airport demolishes 84-foot Delta tower, Stocks Movie on Line

The tower became obsolete after a replacement became operational in September

Salt Lake City Airport demolishes 84-foot Delta tower, Stocks Movie on Line

The demolition of this Salt Lake City International Airport's old"Delta Tower" was a smashing success. So much so, that the airport shared footage from the construction crashing down on Twitter.

The tower, also known as the"terminal two ramp control tower," was demolished on Monday as part of the air hub's latest redevelopment phase, to meet changing traffic, safety and security requirements. Under Phase II of redevelopment, obsolete buildings and facilities will be replaced to conform to the latest safety standards, one of other projects.

The Delta Tower was originally built between 1989 and 1990 to be used by Delta Air Lines, to guide the carrier's own planes to their gates after landing. Delta has been the largest operator of flights to and from SLC, according to the airport.

"The tower, which stands at 84 feet , continued to function before The New SLC opened on Sept. 15 and also the replacement Delta tower became operational," reads a press release issued before the demolition.

Footage of the event, taken by Avalanche Studios from in the airport's Delta Sky Club, shows the control tower coming down at roughly 12 p.m. on Monday.

The demolition marked what SLC is calling a"major milestone" in the timeline of Phase II of its redevelopment program. Stage I was completed in Sept. 2020 and Oct. 2020, together with Stage II scheduled for conclusion in 2024.

A spokesperson for the airport advised Fox 13 that evolution has been expedited in part because of the pandemic, which might reduce projected costs by as much as $300 million. The entirety of the airport's redesign and rebuilding, which kicked off in 2014, is anticipated to cost roughly $4 billion.

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