San Diego county Officer rips Biden, Newsom as migrant Kids Graduated over Calif. Pupils

San Diego county Officer rips Biden, Newsom as migrant Kids Graduated over Calif. Pupils

Jim Desmond stated Newsom efficiently"locked out" his own constituents' kids from educational opportunities the kids are getting.

San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond appeared off "Hannity" Wednesday, following the Biden government sent countless Central American migrant children to be planted and officially educated by local educators in the San Diego Convention Center, while Gov. Gavin Newsom proceeds to prohibit peer learning for U.S. taxpayer pupils.

Desmond said he doesn't begrudge the kids to be educated but wanted there wouldn't be such a stark double standard placing his own constituents' kids at a disadvantage.

He has not allowed our children to go back to college. They'll be permitted to possess restricted in person learning here on April 12th.

"It is very frustrating. We've got 130,000 pupils in San Diego Unified School District who aren't permitted for in-person training at the moment. And we have got these bad migrant children who came across the boundary -- those women without parents and they're -- I'm not begrudging the fact that they ought to have instruction but our child should have that chance too."

Desmond said Newsom efficiently"locked out" his own constitutents' kids from educational opportunities the kids are getting.

Throughout the meeting, host Sean Hannity mentioned that the migrant kids are"blessed" to have been"published from [Joe] Biden's cages" in the Texas boundary, but there ought to be some legal precedent which permits teachers to refuse to instruct individuals that are illegal aliens.

"In my understanding... we're constitutionally required to teach them," answered Desmond. "They aren't leaving the conference centre. They can not get out. They all have is truly a cot. I am not begrudging about the simple fact, fine, some educational expenditures, learning some English."

"They're here in the nation. They're seeking asylum here they have got to be frightened to death," he continued.

"But it's our very own parents which are extremely upset. My workplace is getting a lot of calls from parents saying, hey, we have been fighting to receive our children to schools and find the instruction in person, and today we're seeing this other people who's here is getting it before we could get it done and we've been waiting more than a year"

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