San Francisco'smash and grab' Prosecution Captured on Motorist's Tesla Camera

The victims dropped about $7,000 in pictures equipment, according to a crowdfunding webpage

San Francisco'smash and grab' Prosecution Captured on Motorist's Tesla Camera

A Tesla driver's dash camera recorded a shocking"smash and grab" robbery in broad daylight in San Francisco on Friday.

Unexpectedly, an occupant of a black automobile leaps from the automobile -- then divides the back window of another car and eliminates what seems like a black purse.

Then the defendant -- dressed in a dark hoodie and dark trousers, with his back to the camera hops back to the darkened car, whose driver hits the gas pedal and then rates down 8th Streetaway from the traffic backup.

Two individuals are seen getting from the victimized automobile -- but it's too late to stop the suspect. The movie ends there.

The clip of this brazen offense was posted with a Twitter user called"Alex," who only writes:"Highway robbery in SF -- captured in my TeslaCam."

Alex stated he talked with the sufferers, who maintained they were property photographers and were followed because departing a photograph shoot a brief time before, San Francisco's KPIX-TV reported.

In another post, Alex describes his Twitter followers into a crowdfunding webpage he asserts is meant to raise cash for the victims.

The crowdfunding page asserts the victims dropped about $7,000 in photography equipment.

It wasn't immediately clear if authorities were informed or'd tracked down the suspects.

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