Today, Wednesday April 5, the Catholic Church honors San Adrián.

He was born in Rovigo in the year 309. From a very young age he was committed to evangelization.

Work that took him to Caesarea (Palestine) to support the populations of the area where hunger and persecution reign.

Being identified as a Christian, he was martyred along with Saint Eubulus during the Diocletian empire. He was thrown to the wild beasts where he was attacked by a lion and was later beheaded.

The Catholic saints are the group of people recognized by the Church as saints or blessed on a specific date. The Roman Martyrology is the document that names and distributes in the calendar the almost 7,000 saints and blessed recognized by the Church.

The saints and saints are prominent men and women in the various religious traditions for their special relationships with the divinities or for a particular ethical elevation. While the consideration of blessed constitutes the third step on the path to canonization.

Today’s saints day, April 5, also celebrates the following saint’s days:

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