Saxony-Anhalt: The opposition gives the coalition a bad report

A year ago, Saxony-Anhalt elected a new state parliament.

Saxony-Anhalt: The opposition gives the coalition a bad report

A year ago, Saxony-Anhalt elected a new state parliament. AfD, Left and Greens are not satisfied with the work of the black-red-yellow coalition.

Magdeburg (dpa/sa) - The opposition in the state parliament of Saxony-Anhalt has clearly criticized the work of the black-red-yellow coalition. "Governing silently does not mean governing well," said Green Party leader Cornelia Lüddemann of the German Press Agency. Certainly there were more conflicts in the previous black-red-green coalition. "But good compromises have been made. Now everyone is pacing a bit. There is no discernible line." According to Lüddemann, this is particularly evident in the areas of energy and climate protection.

A year ago, the CDU became the strongest party in the state elections on June 6 with 37.1 percent. The AfD received 20.8 percent of the votes, the left slipped to 11.0 percent. With 8.4 percent, the SPD recorded its worst result in Saxony-Anhalt. The FDP received 6.4 percent, the Greens came to 5.9 percent. Saxony-Anhalt has been governed by a black-red-yellow alliance since September.

The left-wing faction also gives this a bad report. "I don't see any great visions in the coalition," said parliamentary group leader Eva von Angern. The coalition has nothing to counter the threatening division of society because of the rising prices. The AfD group also sees deficits. "There was nothing but debt," said parliamentary group leader Oliver Kirchner, referring to a loan-financed special fund intended to mitigate the consequences of the corona pandemic.

Representatives of the coalition emphasize that they work together reliably. It is very constructive, praised CDU faction leader Siegfried Borgwardt. The SPD parliamentary group leader Katja Pähle sees it similarly. "I can say: That was a year in which the coalition worked quietly." The special fund and the budget for 2022 would prove this.

The new coalition partner FDP also praises the joint work. "We have really picked up speed," said parliamentary group leader Andreas Silbersack. Working together is trusting. Many people are grateful that after the quarrels in the black-red-green years there are now quick and constructive solutions, says Silbersack.

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