Saxony: Burning industrial site: Techno Club affected

A major fire devastated a commercial area in Dresden.

Saxony: Burning industrial site: Techno Club affected

A major fire devastated a commercial area in Dresden. More than 100 firefighters have been battling the blaze since Friday night. The hall also houses the premises of a well-known techno club.

Dresden (dpa / sn) - A major fire devastated an industrial site in Dresden on Saturday night. The well-known techno club "Sector Evolution" was also affected. "No one is injured, but we won't be having a party any time soon, if it's even possible again," the club officials wrote on Facebook. The extent of the damage was initially unclear. The rehearsal rooms of several bands were also destroyed. The fire department said the flames had spread throughout the building. More than 100 forces were deployed.

The fire was still not extinguished on Saturday. "It's still burning," said fire department spokesman Michael Klahre in the afternoon. The emergency services would have spread a large foam carpet. But there are still embers under the foam and the fire keeps flaring up in the roof truss. The hall can no longer be entered for the time being, there is an acute danger of collapse.

The burned ruins were still smoking heavily. The fire brigade called on residents on Saturday to keep windows and doors closed, turn off the air conditioning and go outside as little as possible. Survey teams are on the move in the city to check the level of pollution.

In addition to the "Sector Evolution" club, the hall also housed a waste sorting plant, a workshop and offices. Flying sparks also set the embankment of neighboring railway tracks on fire during the night, according to the fire brigade. As a result, rail traffic had to be stopped.

Dresden's Mayor Dirk Hilbert (FDP) reacted concerned to the big fire. "The Techno Club is nothing less than a cultural asset of the Dresden club scene," said the mayor, who is currently fighting for re-election. He took a picture of himself on site on Saturday morning. He is glad no one was hurt. His competitor for the post of mayor, the Greens politician Eva Jähnigen, was also concerned. The fire is a tragedy for Dresden culture.

The cause of the fire is unclear - a clarification can probably be expected in a week at the earliest, said a police spokesman.

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