Saxony: "Cynical": Kretschmer calls austerity appeals alibi politics

Saving energy because of rising prices.

Saxony: "Cynical": Kretschmer calls austerity appeals alibi politics

Saving energy because of rising prices. Saxony's prime minister describes this appeal by the federal government to the population as cynical. For this he has received criticism from the left.

Leipzig (dpa / sn) - Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer accuses the federal government of operating "alibi politics" with its appeals to save energy. In an interview with the "Leipziger Volkszeitung" (Thursday edition), the CDU politician said it was "more than cynical" to give the citizens energy-saving tips. "The rising costs are threatening for many people. These citizens are very, very frugal because they cannot afford these prices."

Kretschmer ignores the actual cynicism of the situation, said the chairman of the Left Group in the Saxon state parliament, Rico Gebhardt. "The energy companies take billions in profits, while the population has to cope with enormous price increases. A pensioner should pay 215 euros a month for gas from October instead of the previous 75 euros." The gas price must be capped. Meanwhile, the federal government is not touching the war and crisis profits of the corporations, and Kretschmer's government has not supported an excess profit tax in the Bundesrat.

The prime minister once again spoke out in favor of the continued operation of the three nuclear power plants in Germany that are still active. "It would be insane to shut down these reactors now." Due to the loss of gas volumes from Russia, it is necessary to talk about how nuclear power and how the energy transition should proceed in general.

Kretschmer emphasized that it has been known for more than six months that the energy supply in Germany is no longer guaranteed. "But we only ever hear two things from the federal government. First, that we should save money. And second, that everything will become more expensive. But that doesn't help to solve the problem." In addition, there will be an energy levy of several hundred euros per household from October. "The mere fact that we have to pay this levy is proof that we have a big problem."

The left in the Free State complained that Saxony was at the bottom of East Germany's use of renewable energy sources, which Kretschmer's party actively obstructed. "A fair and affordable energy supply is only possible if we finally use it more, because these energy sources are the cheapest in the long term," emphasized parliamentary group leader Gebhardt and party leader Stefan Hartmann.

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