Saxony: New Year's Eve in Saxony: 17-year-old dies with firecrackers

The people of Saxony greeted the new year loudly with fireworks.

Saxony: New Year's Eve in Saxony: 17-year-old dies with firecrackers

The people of Saxony greeted the new year loudly with fireworks. The police register many fires and crimes with firecrackers nationwide. For a teenager, New Year's Eve ends fatally.

Leipzig (dpa/sn) - After two New Year's Eve nights, which were rather quiet due to the corona, people in Saxony celebrated the turn of the year extensively this year. Accordingly, rescue workers and the police were on duty around the clock due to the mostly improper use of fireworks. Nationwide, more than a hundred fires caused by firecrackers and numerous bodily injuries were registered, as the police departments announced on Sunday.

In Otterwisch (Leipzig district), a 17-year-old died who had probably ignited unauthorized pyrotechnics in a field on New Year's Eve. The seriously injured teenager was taken to a Leipzig hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. Family members and friends were cared for by a crisis intervention team. The police launched a death investigation.

In the trade fair city alone, the police registered 39 crimes on New Year's Eve. Most of the time it was about unauthorized fireworks, but also about property damage, bodily harm and violations of the Narcotics Act, the police said on Sunday. However, no one was arrested and there were no injured officers.

According to the police, it remained relatively quiet in the Connewitz district of Leipzig. There were minor riots, with bottles and pyrotechnics being thrown at officers. Service vehicles were damaged, but there were no injuries. Water cannons, which were on standby as a precaution, were used in some cases to put out small fires on the street. Three years ago there had been serious riots in Connewitz.

The Dresden police registered a total of 326 operations on New Year's Eve. The police were notified of 25 cases of bodily harm, 25 cases of property damage and 53 fires, most of which were caused by the improper use of pyrotechnics. About a dozen cars caught fire, several cigarette machines and a phone booth were blown up by firecrackers. However, no people were injured.

After a hedge fire, a Chemnitz restaurant was temporarily evacuated on New Year's Eve. The fire was probably triggered by the remains of a firecracker, a police spokeswoman said on Sunday. The flames then spread to trees near the restaurant. As a precaution, the approximately 50 celebrating guests had to leave the building. According to initial information, no one was injured.

A total of almost 50 fires were registered in the area of ​​the Chemnitz police headquarters at the turn of the year. "This is a significant increase compared to previous years," said the spokeswoman. The strong wind and the drought certainly favored the kindling of the fires. However, there were no serious operations.

Numerous fires and serious disputes had also kept the police in the Görlitz area on New Year's Eve in suspense. Overall, the emergency services registered 26 fires at the turn of the year, as the police announced on Sunday. In most cases, the improper use of fireworks triggered the fires on hedges, garbage cans and vehicles, a spokesman emphasized. However, there were no serious injuries.

In Görlitz, two police officers were attacked by three people with firecrackers. The officers were reportedly slightly injured, but are still able to work. Two suspects spent the night in police custody.