Saxony: Sachsen Energie with austerity appeal to customers

The appeals to consumers to save energy are increasing.

Saxony: Sachsen Energie with austerity appeal to customers

The appeals to consumers to save energy are increasing. That one should think about heating in summer is difficult to convey. But concerns about the energy supply are growing.

Dresden (dpa / sn) - The supplier Sachsen Energie has asked its customers to save energy. "Each individual can do their part by using energy - and especially gas - sparingly and carefully and thus have a direct influence on the fact that we can get through this tense situation better together and become less dependent on Russian energy imports," the company said on Thursday With. Every kilowatt hour of gas saved in summer is a contribution that more can be stored for supply in winter.

"Therefore, every consumer should save as much energy - gas, electricity and district heating - as possible and question what is really necessary. Saving energy means reducing demand - on a large and small scale," it said. This includes not using air conditioning, not heating individual rooms or not taking long, hot showers. "Nobody will be forced to freeze, we just need to remember what certain restrictions or lack of comfort mean in a situation where people are dying every day in Ukraine and Russia is using the gas tap as a tool of blackmail against the West. "

According to Sachsen Energie, the industry is unsettled. The background is the concern that Russia could not resume gas supplies after several days of maintenance work on the Nord Stream 1 Baltic Sea pipeline. The work starts on Monday. In terms of responsible crisis prevention, prepare for the crisis. "For this purpose, crisis teams were convened at an early stage, which regularly assess the situation and intensify the close exchange between associations, business and politics," emphasized the management. A binding statement on the future of gas supply is not possible.

"At the current time we have no impairments to our general supply relationships," it said. Should the gas supply deteriorate permanently, the federal government could declare the third emergency level. Then gas would be allocated by the Federal Network Agency. Here, too, one cannot yet speculate about measures. It is clear that no gas line will run empty overnight. The question of how long the supply will remain secure for which customers after a delivery stop in Russia depends largely on savings made by consumers.

According to the supplier, it is also not possible to foresee how prices will develop. The company referred to experts, according to which no relaxation is to be expected in the longer term. Compared to 2020, the purchase price for natural gas has risen by 300 percent.

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