Saxony: Snow and ice bring road traffic to a standstill

Winter has Saxony under control.

Saxony: Snow and ice bring road traffic to a standstill

Winter has Saxony under control. Snowfall and slippery roads caused numerous accidents on Monday. People have to be prepared for frosty temperatures in the next few days.

Dresden/Leipzig (dpa/sn) - Snow and ice brought traffic to a standstill in Saxony on Monday morning. The traffic warning service of the police warned of wintry conditions throughout the Free State. According to the police, there were problems especially in East Saxony. Several accidents involving trucks were reported on Autobahn 4, for example. The result was traffic jams and slowdowns. "It doesn't go any further," said a spokeswoman for the traffic warning service in the morning.

Three trucks were parked between the Nossen and Siebenleben triangles. A truck slipped into the ditch near Salzenforst, and the road towards Dresden was closed due to the salvage work. Several accidents on the A4 were also reported further west near Hohenstein-Ernstthal. There were also problems on country roads. On the B98 between Steinigtwolmsdorf and Wehrsdorf (Bautzen district) a truck crossed, on the B101 in the Meissen district several trucks between Görna and Löthain were lying around.

Because of the snowfall, the winter services were in continuous operation down to the lowlands. The state capital Dresden announced that all available forces and vehicles had been activated. Twelve centimeters of snow fell in Dresden during the night. The forces would initially concentrate on the main routes. According to the city, the winter service in Leipzig has been running since Sunday evening.

According to the German Weather Service, it will remain wintry in Saxony for the next few days. Permafrost has been announced for the entire country until Thursday. In the mountains, double-digit degrees below zero could even be reached.

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