Scott Mills' most memorable Radio 1 moments

Scott Mills, the legend that is Radio 1, has announced his retirement after 24 years.

Scott Mills' most memorable Radio 1 moments

Scott Mills, the legend that is Radio 1, has announced his retirement after 24 years.

He will be heading to Radio 2 in order to take over from Steve Wright's afternoon show.

Scott joined Radio 1 in 1998. He has seen it all and amassed an army of listeners along the way.

He says that time does indeed fly when you have fun and that has been the case for the past 24 years at Radio 1

"The station that I pretend to have been on since the age of six in my bedroom. This is the station that I told my mom I wanted to work for, but never in one million years did I think I would.

Scott did it in typical Scott fashion by calling a friend from the celeb world to announce his departure.

Scott's greatest moments could easily fill a book, but instead we have selected some of his most memorable moments...

It's a hilarious game that people play where they spit water into each other's faces.

Radio's most raucous and messed up game was removed from the air by the Covid pandemic. But, like all great things, it has made a triumphant comeback.

Scott is the one who innuendos while Chris Stark, a celebrity guest, tries to keep their mouths watery.

This feature has seen many stars like Hugh Jackman, Daniel Radcliffe and many others get soaked. It even led to a wet Davina McCall exclaiming: "I'm In Heaven!"

Everyone has their second favorite Scott Mills game.

This might be the Who Game. Scott and multiple callers list forgotten pop culture nuggets, making it easy to say "WHOOO?" ".

You've likely also received funny looks from Granny Tinder, Brother, or Lover for your laughter while on the bus.

Chris Stark, who joined Scott on Radio 1 in 2012 has also announced his regret at leaving the station.

He says, "It's been a dream come true to wake up every morning and work with one my best friends on a show that I love."

"Radio 1 has sound-tracked my biggest ups, downs and I want you to know that Radio 1 allowed me to live my dream as a bang average Watford lad."

Let's face it, we all love the back-and-forth between the two of them.

It was such a great bromance, even Hollywood heavyweight Jennifer Aniston joined the fray to help Scott prank Chris.

It's more than just about the games and fun.

Scott and Chris put on a 24-hour-long show to raise money towards Comic Relief. It raised more than PS500,000 by 2021.

The marathon show featured entertainment and music stars from the top - Little Mix met Superfan Steve, KSI revealed what he was like growing up and even a funny moment when Gandalf did Garage.

Scott is a beloved presenter of The Official Chart Show, and we love him for counting down through the tracks to the all-important weekly Number One.

Scott and his team were challenged to create the perfect Christmas song. One that would endure the test of time.

It's Scott Mills and His Pigs in Blankets. It's well worth the effort.

Scott created a musical that was based on his experiences at the Edinburgh Festival in 2009.

Scott Mills: The Musical was born after he was forced by rumours to deny that he had been cast as Rick Astley on a stage production about the singer.

The show ran for three nights and featured music from some of his listeners.

Scott was so impressed by the experience that he returned to it the following year to perform a one man show. In 2011, Scott led a group of Radio 1 employees up to Edinburgh to take part in the Fun and Filth Cabaret.

Baywatch star David Hasselhoff, an 80s icon, joined him on stage to perform a duet from Guy Love.

Aled Haydn Jones is the head of BBC Radio 1 and has thanked Scott, Chris and all they did for the station.

He said that they would "go out with some very interesting shows in August", before Scott moves on to Radio 2 in September.

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