Scott Mills Radio 1 slot to be filled by Dean McCullough

Vicky Hawkesworth and Dean McCullough have been named as Scott Mills' replacements.

Scott Mills Radio 1 slot to be filled by Dean McCullough

Vicky Hawkesworth and Dean McCullough have been named as Scott Mills' replacements. Scott Mills is retiring after 24 years at Radio 1.

The new show, which will air on the afternoon of the pair, will be the station’s latest weekday program to come from outside London.

Scott, the legendary DJ, will be heading to Radio 2 to replace Steve Wright's afternoon show. Chris Stark, his long-standing co-host at Radio 2, is also leaving the BBC.

Dean stated that it was a "full-on fantasy come true" to get the new show.

The 29-year old has been hosting his Saturday morning show from Salford, since September.

Vicky, a 26-year-old Bolton native, currently hosts regular shows on BBC Radio Manchester. She has also covered a variety of shows across Radio 1

The duo will remain in Greater Manchester as they take over Scott’s Monday-Thursday slot at 13:00-15.30 in September. This show will be broadcast from Salford.

Vicky spoke to Scott and Chris earlier on Radio 1: "It seems kind of not real." It was possible that I had made it up or maybe it was a dream.

"I'm literally going to live my dream, and I can't wait for it to start."

Dean, her new co-host, joked that Scott and Chris were giving him "borderline nightmare vibes" when he thought about replacing them.

"You know those moments when you dream and then you wake up wondering if it really happened?" He said.

"I feel like tomorrow is the day I wake up and everything was just a dream."

Vicky and Dean both received their breaks on Radio 1 during the 2020 Christmas Takeover. 33 new presenters and DJs were granted a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity".

Aled Haydn Jones is the head of BBC Radio 1 and said that the pair were "highly engaged presenters who made it so much fun in their company".

Also, it was revealed that Katie Thistleton would be taking over Dean's Saturday and Friday morning shows.

Nat O'Leary was part of the 2021 Christmas Takeover and will join Radio 1 as a host for a brand new '00s show Sunday mornings.

Scott will be leaving Radio 1 which has been his home from 1998 to present his Saturday morning show, Radio 5 Live.

A host of hit games and features such as Flirt Divert, Innuendo Bingo and the Who Game have helped to build an army of loyal fans for the DJ.

Chris, his best friend, joined Radio 1 in 2012. He is also leaving the station.

They were well-known for their pranking and bromance, but they also raised more than PS500,000 to Comic Relief through their 24-hour LOLa-thon in 2021.

Chris had earlier announced that he would be joining Global media to present Capital Breakfast Show with Roman Kemp.

The BBC announced in March 2013 that key daytime strands of Radio 1Xtra and Radio 2 would move from London to be broadcast across the UK.

Director general Tim Davie announced the Across the UK plans to staff, saying that the BBC would become a truly UK-wide organization. He also said: "People should feel we are closer."

Newsbeat is also moving to Birmingham, which will be the base of the Asian Network.

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