Scottish police officers intervene in a pay dispute

As they prepare to "withdraw goodness" in a dispute over pay, police officers insist that public safety is not at risk.

Scottish police officers intervene in a pay dispute

As they prepare to "withdraw goodness" in a dispute over pay, police officers insist that public safety is not at risk.

The Scottish Police Federation (SPF), has taken its "most open" action in over a century.

Scottish officers protest a "derisory” PS565 pay increase offer.

Officers cannot strike industrially, but they will be charged for overtime and refused to start shifts earlier than required by law.

Police Scotland stated that it is committed to seeking a settlement through the Police Negotiating Board. Talks are scheduled to resume next Monday.

Nicola Sturgeon stated that she hoped police officers would accept a fair and reasonable deal.

Last week, the SPF's governing body, which represents rank-and-file officers rejected the PS565 offer of pay.

Calum Steele, general secretary of SPF, wrote to members Thursday that he received communication from the official side in the negotiations. This includes the Scottish Police Authority and Police Scotland.

He stated that discussions about the pay claim would resume next Monday. However, he confirmed via Twitter that the withdrawal was proceeding as planned at 17:00 on Friday.

Steele stated that they were back at the table but did not have a formal offer.

"It's important that members continue to express their frustration.

"Hopefully, that will serve as a reminder to police officers, during the discussion that is hopefully kicking off Monday afternoon, about how important this issue is."

Steele said that officers' actions would not compromise public safety.

Steele stated that the strike action began on Friday and that some officers might have chosen to walk off if strike action was an option.

He said that anger and disquiet have been high due to the inability of police officers to seek to settle many industrial disputes.

He said: "The long-term goal of anyone who works in any type of trade union or police union-type organization, has to be to secure as many rights as possible for the members they represent."

The SPF boss previously stated to members that the actions were not intended to frustrate any investigation or further aggrave victim's experiences.

He said, "It's simply to show our employers how much discretionary effort and free policing times they normally take for granted."

The first withdrawal of goodwill involves:

According to the general secretary, the action was the "most outspoken" by members in over 100 years. The federation did not endorse it lightly but showed "utter contempt" for the offer.

Police Scotland spokesperson said that the organization was committed to finding a settlement.

He said, "We recognize the significant goodwill officers bring daily to their roles as they keep people safer across the country. This is also appreciated by the communities that they serve."

Douglas Ross, leader of the Scottish Conservatives raised the matter at First Minister's Questions Thursday. He stated that the SPF had called the current pay offer "derisory"

Ms Sturgeon stated that police officers are suffering from a crisis in their ability to pay for living costs, which was "exacerbated" by the Tory government.

She stated that officers in Scotland were paid higher than the rest of the UK and there were more officers per head in Scotland than England. The policing budget is expected to increase by PS40.5m.

She said, "There is a salary negotiation in progress." "I fully expect the Scottish Police Federation, any trade union or professional organization to stand up for their members in a pay negotiation.

"I hope that all sides will continue working together constructively to ensure that our police officers receive a fair and reasonable pay increase.

"Our police officers deserve it, and we will continue valuing policing to give it the priority that it deserves."

Ross replied: "The first minister is on a different world.

"She said it was a constructive meeting with her justice secretary, and the Federation said this morning that their members are now showing the most outward demonstration of action in over 100 years."

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