Ex-soccer player Helmer and actress Filali announce their separation with warm words. You didn’t survive the third seven-year itch. Nevertheless, one remains “connected in the heart”.

Actress Yasmina Filali and ex-soccer player Thomas Helmer go their separate ways. “Unfortunately, our relationship didn’t survive the third seventh year,” the two told “Bild am Sonntag”. “We grew up together and remain not only friendly and family, but also connected in our hearts.”

The two married 17 years ago and have two children together. Just two years ago, the 47-year-old Filali said on the “NDR Talk Show” about the beginning of her relationship with the former Bayern professional: “The common soccer player doesn’t tend to wear his heart on his sleeve and be very open. What I got to know at the beginning wasn’t that convincing (…). But when I realized what a great guy he is, I really fell in love with him.” Helmer is “simply a great person”.

(This article was first published on Sunday, August 21, 2022.)