She can "sniff out" alcohol levels: That's what police officer Jauch advises when checking alcohol

You rarely see Jauch so brusquely.

She can "sniff out" alcohol levels: That's what police officer Jauch advises when checking alcohol

You rarely see Jauch so brusquely. But the porn hotline lady gets on his last nerve. The charming policewoman immediately puts him in a mild mood. She brings a tip for alcohol control.

Günther Jauch's nerves were quickly on edge. "Please speak in complete sentences," he reprimanded "Who wants to be a millionaire?" his procrastinating overhang candidate Anita Kavajin. The telephone consultant of an Internet provider, who promises a happy ending when watching porn, at least in terms of data transfer, simply couldn't get anywhere with the moderator. When the woman from Munich wanted to drink courage like in the previous episode, Jauch mercilessly walled off: "The bar is closed."

For the 64,000 euro question, Jauch ordered the director almost rudely: Send a question that you can either answer immediately or that you get out of immediately. "Probably didn't help, praying: I don't know," said Kavajin when asked in which sport coach Nick Bollettieri once celebrated success. "It's good," Jauch sensed the morning air. "If you say you don't know, it was nice here, I'll take the 32,000 euros - everyone is happy."

"I'll just think about it for a moment, Mr. Jauch, I owe it to myself," begged the candidate. In the end, however, she gave up and was satisfied with 32,000 euros. "The question was easy," said her brother in the audience, who apparently knows tennis better. "And that's why he doesn't even get five euros from me," Kavajin replied. Jauch obviously didn't care and quickly got rid of the siblings: "Please do that at home, congratulations, see you later."

The RTL presenter was in a much milder mood when a charming policewoman landed on his hot seat. Julia Kunschner from Schrobenhausen in Upper Bavaria seemed calm at first. But once she felt safe after the commercial break, it quickly became apparent how excited she was. "Oh God, Mr. Jauch," said the chief police officer and turned to her partner: "Hello, darling!"

Incidentally, Kunschner met her partner during a night patrol drive. There was nothing to complain about during the traffic control, but there was reason for both sides to take a second look. "I saw her and thought: pretty policewoman," said Kunschner's partner. A few weeks later, both coincidentally met again. A friend of his had alerted the police about a snake in the garden. "That can hardly be surpassed in terms of romance," said Jauch.

The WWM moderator had to follow up with the law enforcement officer. "Someone once told me that when you have an alcohol test, you should always say that you haven't drunk anything at all," explained Jauch. The logic behind this strategy: "If you throw in half a beer or a shot, (the cop) has no way of saying, 'Keep driving'." "No, that's not true," Kunschner explained to him. "You can tell how the person is feeling. Over time you get a very good nose for alcohol. I've 'sniffed' 0.04 per thousand before." Jauch was sufficiently impressed, but basically stated: "At Bayern, almost everyone can continue."

The policewoman was the most successful that evening with 125,000 euros. Jauch helped a little. "Don't worry too much," he advised when Kunschner feared a trap with a question. It was almost enough for half a million. Kunschner used to have a whole suitcase full of Bibi Blocksberg radio play cassettes and should now know the little witch's first name. She briefly tended towards the correct answer "Brigitte", but in the end preferred to leave it alone.

Speaking of "porn": The successor to Kavajin suddenly went in this direction. Ernst Jordan from Berlin was asked by Jauch for 64,000 euros who has to deal with thin, medium and thick beds in their everyday work: confectioner, tiler, chimney sweep or porn actor? "Do you know?" Asked the satirist, who writes for "Titanic" among other things, "Yes," confirmed the RTL moderator. "Then it's the porn actor," Jordan joked. "That gives a special point," praised Jauch. The 29-year-old drew the 50:50 joker. He decided against the chimney sweep for the tiler and thus secured his winnings.

The last candidate of the XL edition of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" Jauch was then completely balanced again. "Exciting. These are people I really admire," he said happily about Sila Kraus, who works as a freelance tree climber. The Mannheimer returns next week on Rose Monday with the question for 2000 euros.