"Sing my song" - "Duette": "Stiftung Warentest: unfortunately cool!"

Big feelings, big dramas and lots of major and minor fun! The last evening at "Sing mein Song" in balmy South Africa sums it all up.

"Sing my song" - "Duette": "Stiftung Warentest: unfortunately cool!"

Big feelings, big dramas and lots of major and minor fun! The last evening at "Sing mein Song" in balmy South Africa sums it all up. In "duets" mode, Floor, Lotte, Johannes and Co. are in top form.

They had a plan. Everything else didn't matter. After an emotional journey through all states of mind, the "barter concert" candidates take stock and let it really bang in the community again. "Today we're going to celebrate!", Vincent Stein cheers, while format "silverback" Clueso beheads a champagne bottle. Yes, the mood in beautiful South Africa couldn't be better.

It's just a pity that "Bomberjacke" Elif can't be there. The little "Black is beautiful" whirlwind had to leave early for personal reasons. The rest of the group quickly sends a group greeting while traveling. Then it can finally start. The big "duets" evening starts with open mouths and wide open eyes.

In various Maz recordings, the candidates are once again intensively confronted with the events of the past few days and weeks. In the intoxication of memories, feelings boil up again. Floor has tears in his eyes again, Clueso looks at the sky in disbelief and Kelvin just bursts with joy: "I'm so proud of myself, of you and of all our moments!" rejoices the singer, who once again clarifies with a proudly swollen chest, that the whole of Zimbabwe is sitting in front of the TV and celebrating these historic moments at least as much as he does.

In the midst of this emotional tornado, of course, the music doesn't miss out either. So Clueso and Kelvin Jones start the evening in a breezy Hawaiian shirt wardrobe and with pimped brass pop in their luggage ("Tanzen"). After just two minutes, the couch lifts off and the crowd celebrating is upside down: Clueso, your verdict? "Stiftung Warentest: unfortunately awesome!" Trumpets the songwriter.

It's going fast now. After a booming German-English metal symphony from Jansen and SDP ("Amaranth"), the whole of South Africa is in a hardwood madness. "Take heart, despite all the sadness...", it echoes through the night. A short hip-pop freestyle interlude by Clueso later, Lotte and Johannes Oerding grab the microphones and start the big drama battle ("Dunkelrot zu schwarz").

The former only takes a short break afterwards. Together with the SDP leaders Vincent and Alexis, Lotte once again turns her inside out. Prancing on a hedonistic triumphal procession, the oh-so-tender Lotte celebrates her life-affirming downside. "Fuck baby, I'm in love!" sings the trio. Yes why not?! Clueso and host Johannes then bring everyone down again. "In February" was already a guarantee for tears in the Clueso version. Together with the author, the deep song even climbs a notch higher in terms of passion and intensity.

Everyone present is touched and, just like in the days before, you lie in each other's arms, agitated and emotionally pushed to your limits. Before Clueso and SDP put the musical lid on, Johannes Oerding looks into the camera again in disbelief: "Did you know that Floor and Kelvin didn't speak a word of German a few months ago?" After all, everyone out there should know with how much enthusiasm and passion the selected artists prepare for their "exchange concert" journey.

Floor and Kelvin acknowledge the praise with a gentle nod. Then one catapults oneself into other musical spheres ("Call You Home") one last time. Clueso, Vincent and Alexis shake briefly before the final sound rocket rises into the sky ("Breaking the line"). Everyone has a smile on their face. That's how it should be. The perfect end to an unforgettable journey.

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