Sixteen teens were arrested in connection to a deadly drive-by shooting at an Iowa high school

Each suspect was charged with first-degree murder as well as two counts of attempted murder.

Sixteen teens were arrested in connection to a deadly drive-by shooting at an Iowa high school

Officials said that six teens were arrested by police in connection with an attack on a high school in Iowa. The attack left two people critically injured and one person dead.

Police said that a 15-year old boy was killed, and two female students, 16-year-old and 18, from East High School in Des Moines, are still in critical condition after Monday's gunfire.

Police said that all the suspects were Des Moines residents and they have been charged with first-degree murder as well as attempted murder. The youngest suspect is 14. The youngest is 14.

Although authorities have identified the suspects in this case, NBC News doesn't usually identify minors accused of a crime.

According to a Des Moines Police statement, Tuesday, "Detectives quickly discovered that this was drive-by shooting and the deceased victim was intended target."

Officials stated that East High School was not intended to be the target of the alleged shooters.

According to the police statement, "This incident took place outside of a school but it could have taken place in any of our neighborhoods." "The school was where the suspects found their target."

Investigators claimed that the gunfire from Monday's shooting came from "multiple shooters" and from "multiple vehicles".

Des Moines detectives served at most five residential search warrants and six for cars search warrants so far, leading to six firearms being recovered, police stated.

It was not immediately clear whether the suspects had retained or assigned defense lawyers by Tuesday morning. Representatives for the State Public Defender could be reached immediately for comment.

Officials said that firefighters and police responded to the call at 2:48 p.m. Monday at East High School, where they found the teenagers in serious condition. According to police, all three were found on East High School grounds, but not in any buildings.

The 15-year-old victim was not a student of East.

On Tuesday , classes at the school were cancelled.

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