Soccer. Australia is the Blues' first foe at the 2022 World Cup.

France will host Australia in 2022 World Cup Qatar.

Soccer. Australia is the Blues' first foe at the 2022 World Cup.

France will host Australia in 2022 World Cup Qatar. The Socceroos qualified after a penalty shootout with Peru (0-0, 5 tabs to 4), Monday at the host country.

The Blues will face this opponent in their tournament on November 22. They then face Denmark on November 26. Tunisia is on November 30. Australians and Danes had been in the French group of the 2018 World Cup.

Only one of the 32 tickets remains to be won to host the first football World Cup in a country other than the Arab. On Tuesday, Costa Rica will attempt to join the group E record with Japan, Germany, Spain and Germany.

It will be the sixth World Cup for Australia, following 1974, 2006 and 2010, 2014, 2014, 2018 to the dismay of approximately 10,000 Peruvian fans who were present at the Ahmad ben Ali stadium in Al-Rayyan (west-of Doha).

The tournament will be held in an air-conditioned arena that will hold seven matches. Australia, which is 42nd in FIFA rankings, won the first period against 22nd place in the world. Graham Arnold's men scored five goals, while their opponents had two. However, none of these goals were on target.

Under the leadership of Ricardo Gareca from Argentina, the Peruvians regained some colour after the half-time break, but were more dangerous during the first 25 minutes.

The first goal on target was scored by the Australian side on an Ajdin Hrustic free kick in the 81st minutes. This marked the beginning of ten minutes worth of dominance for the Socceroos.

They were not able to avoid an extension. The South Americans carried Edison Flores as their midfielder, doubling the chances of scoring. The Australians had previously replaced Mathew Ryan as goalkeeper in a session.

The experienced, 33-year old player and fitness specialist was decisive. After Martin Boyle's first shot from Australia was stopped by Pedro Gallese (Peruvian goalkeeper),

Luis Advincula failed to find the post, too.

At the end of the second series of five shooters, the two teams were tied again. Redmayne was the last man to send his men to the World Cup and stopped Alex Varela from trying.

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