Soccer. League of Nations: One after the Euro, England, and Germany.

Italy held the Mannschaft at bay (1-1), and the Three Lions beat in Hungary (1-0) on the first day.

Soccer. League of Nations: One after the Euro, England, and Germany.

Italy held the Mannschaft at bay (1-1), and the Three Lions beat in Hungary (1-0) on the first day. The two teams are having trouble finding regularity in their performances. They seem more like outsiders in Qatar than favourites.

Their Euro duel, which took place almost one year ago, was a turning point in both teams' lives. The English had a "small" turning point, as they began to believe in their chances of continental coronation, and Germany had to say goodbye to Joachim Low with whom she had shared some of her most memorable pages.

After a win in the Euro-2000 pool, the English were victorious on goals by Raheem Sterling, and Harry Kane.

England defeated Ukraine in the quarter (4-0), and overtook Denmark in the half (1-1, ap. Before colliding with Italy on penalties in the final (1-1, a.p., 3 tabs to 2). Gareth Southgate seems to have been groping since then.

While there were some easy wins against Andorra (4-0, 5-0), Albania (5, 5) and San Marino (10-0), the World Cup qualifying round saw success against more difficult opponents like Hungary.

The draw against the same opponent in Wembley (1-1) and in Poland (1-1) were of the same quality as Saturday's failed match.

Gareth Southgate acknowledged his doubts after the match. "In these four matches (Nations League), we have to try and find the balance between testing players, seeing new things, and trying to win. Perhaps today, I wasn't able to find the right balance.

He will be inspired by the English attackers at the Munich stadium, where the Three Lions had inflicted an abrasive 5-1 defeat to Germany in qualifying for the World Cup 2002.

They will be able to defeat the Germans for 10 matches, and Hansi Flick will join them on the bench after the Euro.

Joachim Low's former assistant can boast of setting a new record in the debut of a Mannschaft coach, with eight consecutive wins as well as two draws.

Although this series may have given Germany some confidence following the Euro's elimination, it doesn't reveal anything about the true level of the quadruple champions.

Eight of the eight victories were against second-tier opposition. Flick's 11-man team was unable to defeat countries in the top 10 Fifa rankings. Flick lost 1-1 in March against the Netherlands and 1-1 Saturday against an inexperienced Italy with six neophytes.

Flick acknowledged that the draw in Italy was not up to our expectations.

"We lacked intensity and coordination, even in defense (...).," said the technician. "We have more quality than that. We also lack precision," said the technician. He relies on Bayern Munich's strong backbone, captain Manuel Neuer, and the indestructible Thomas Muller.

Despite their defeats at the 2018 World Cup and the Euro round of 16, the Germans remain optimistic about their chances at winning the title.

The Mannschaft will face its opponent in the final of 1982 Worlds with Italy and 1966 with England, while the 1954 match with Hungary is against the 1956 opponent. This round of the League of Nations will determine if the Mannschaft can finally reach the heights of its ambitions.

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