Social. Macron assures pensions and method

After their Friday lunch with Emmanuel Macron, the unions stated that they felt "reassured".

Social. Macron assures pensions and method

After their Friday lunch with Emmanuel Macron, the unions stated that they felt "reassured". For the first time since April 24, when he was re-elected, the Head of State met with the major union leaders. The discussion agenda included consultations on pension reform and the future role of the National Council for Refoundation.

Laurent Berger (CFDT), after a two-hour lunch at the Elysee, stated that he and his colleagues felt no need to rush when it came to pensions. He said that the subject "deserves much work" and that it would likely be after the summer. In recent days, the unions have repeatedly stated that they will not be participating in any consultation during summer. However, Emmanuel Macron indicated that he would like to start this project this summer to allow him to implement it in 2023.

Laurent Berger added that the unions were "very clear" in refusing to delay the legal age of 65 because they believe the reform is meritorious.

Unions present said that they felt reassured and supported by the National Council for Refoundation. The launch was announced by its president after the June 12th and 19 legislative elections. The CNR, which will include political, economic and associative forces, as well as elected representatives from the territories and citizens drawn through lot, will be required to take into account the five goals set out by Emmanuel Macron in his campaign: independence (industrial, military and food...), full employment, carbon neutrality and public services for equal opportunity and democratic renaissance and institutional reform.

It will not be a brand new institution. The CNR will coordinate, plan and make all the actors work together. According to Cyril Chabanier (CFTC), its members will vary depending on the subject.

The CNR's first topic will be purchasing power. He said that it will be convened "rather quickly" after the elections to allow social partners to make their proposals for Parliament so that they can vote as soon as July. Francois Hommeril (CFE–CGC) stated that he was pleased with the president's willingness to associate the trade unions with observation, data sharing, and contribution. FO, for its part, believes that the CNR's "contours, composition, and objectives" are "very vague".

This is the first time that the head of state has met with union leaders since his re-election. He promised a "new way" to govern his second five-year term. On Tuesday, he will receive representatives from employers. Philippe Martinez, the leader of CGT, decided to boycott the meeting because he did not want "a campaign lunch" just two days before the legislative election.

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