Although there is an open reflection in the training, the national leadership of the PP advocates opening a debate to regulate surrogacy with the requirement that there is “in no case” any type of economic payment indirectly or directly to the surrogate mother .

Faced with the controversy over the case of Ana Obregón, who at 68 years of age has become the mother of a girl by surrogacy in Miami, sources from the PP leadership defend that the law must first be complied with, since this practice it is “illegal” in Spain, and they later bet on opening the debate and regulating cases not mediated by the market.

The PP denounces that there are currently “legal loopholes” for which children are registered in the Spanish consulates, as has been done by providing a judicial resolution from the country of origin in which the parentage of the baby is determined, a way that the Supreme Court declared null in 2022, understanding that the filiation of a non-biological mother must be obtained through adoption.

The red line for the PP is the “commodification” that the party leadership considers “execrable” and about which they cannot speak. Yes, they are in favor of discussing the rest of the cases, being aware in any case that this is a delicate debate in which there are “different sensitivities.”

The current leadership of the PP, in the hands of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, maintains that the commitment to open the discussion on regulating this phenomenon is consistent with the position expressed by the party in its 17th National Congress, where a debate was requested in “depth, serious and serene”.

The same sources admit that it is necessary to continue debating the matter, since this is an open question within the party, where visions prone to regulate coexist with voices that reject the existence of a market around maternity and those who put the accent on the economic differences between expectant mothers and families that acquire a baby.

In the presentation of the last ideological debate of the PP, which in 2018 was led by the now senator Javier Maroto, the popular ones also emphasized that the debate analyzes the “reality” of the children who arrive in Spain and who have been born by gestation subrogated in other countries, without delving into the position of the PP in this regard.

In addition, it was decided to use the term “surrogacy” and not the “surrogacy” option, as it was understood that it was more respectful of children in this situation, according to party sources.

In statements to journalists, the general secretary of the PP and spokesperson for the PP in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, has not positioned the popular in this debate and has limited herself to demanding a framework of “serene reflection” without forgetting that “there are children who have rights that have to be guaranteed”.

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